Black Calla Lily - A Guide to Black Calla Lilies

Black Calla Lily

Black calla lilies are head-turning flowers. Mysterious and elegant, they are a real fantasy. Although not true black in color, the maroon and deep purple shades are very similar to the pure black. Black calla lilies are rarer than the traditional white calla lilies and maybe this is why they are so searched for by gardeners and so appreciated by flower lovers.

Black Calla Lily Description

  • Family: Araceae
  • Origin: Black calla lilies are native to the South African continent. The word “calla” means beautiful in the Greek language. Also, the black calla is known to have a religious history as it has been regarded as the flower symbolizing either Jesus’ Resurrection, or Virgin Mary herself.
  • Sun exposure: Full sun is required.
  • Height: Black calla lilies are 18 to 40 inches tall.
  • Soil: Black calla lilies need a moist, well-drained soil in which to develop naturally.
  • Leaves: Black calla lily leaves are long, waxy and knife-shaped.
  • Blooming time: Black calla lilies bloom from early to mid summer.
  • Maintenance: Black calla lilies should be watered at all times and applied fertilizers in early spring, when they are seeded. Also, they should be removed from the ground in the fall, just before the first frost.
  • Propagation method: Black calla lilies can be propagated through seeds, by division in early spring and by basil cuttings in the summer.

Black Calla Lily Species

It is generally known that there are about 30 species of calla lilies. Black calla lilies, however can be seen in nature as: Black Crusader, Black Forest (Schwarzwalder), Black Pearl, Black Star, Captain Palermo, Captain Prado, Captain Prado, Maroon Sensation or believe it or not, Naomi Campbell.

Black Calla Lily Meaning

Black calla lilies are a symbol of mystery and elegance. Silky smooth flowers, black calla lilies are known to be anonymous flowers. Black calla lilies stand for negativity and they are constantly associated with goodbyes, whether they are goodbyes for the departed or for the girlfriend you want to break up with.

Also, black calla lilies are associated with decadence and lustiness, due to both their color and shape.

Black Calla Lilies Arrangements

Black calla lilies arrangements will always be noticed, no matter the shape of the arrangement or the color or flowers with which they are mixed. Black calla lily arrangements are classy, elegant as they bring character to any décor. A dozen black calla lilies simply placed in a vase, will instantly bring the “chic” on table on which they are sat.

If you want to obtain a wonderful contrast, mix black calla lilies with white flowers, like roses. And, for a delicate touch, pale pink is the color to stand by the velvety black calla lilies arrangements.

Also, used as corsages, black calla lily arrangements are perfect as they will always give elegance to any suit, no matter how old or new.

Black Calla Lily Bouquets

Black calla lilies bouquets can be used on many occasions. Daring brides will be appreciated for their courage to do that, as black calla lilies are quite tabu flowers when it comes to bridal bouquets.

Pageant is the best way to go when it comes to black calla lilies bouquets. A simple black calla lily bouquet, tied with a silk white ribbon is the most appropriate solution, but if you really want to mix them with other colors and flowers, then tulips should be your choice. White, yellow or purple tulips will look great alongside black calla lily bouquets, and this is a certainty!

Black Calla Lilies in Gardens

If you want to grow black calla lilies in your garden, first of all make sure you plant them in a sunny spot. As they originate from South Africa, they are used to warm places. Also, they like to be watered excessively, so try to remember to place them in a humid spot and feed them plenty of water.

For a dramatic look for your garden, place you black calla lilies near white flowerbeds. This will give your oasis a mysterious, dark look that you neighbors will surely enjoy seeing!


For you black calla lilies to stay fresh and healthy looking, you must keep them away from sunlight and place them in a cool area. The water in the vase should not be excessively cool, a little warm is recommended. Also, if black calla lilies are kept without any water supply for over 20 minutes, they stems will close and refuse any further hydration, so in order to keep this from happening, cut their stems with a sharp knife under running water.

Black calla lilies are gorgeous flowers. They are rare, but beautiful and dark, but elegant. They are perfect for making a statement as they will attract all eyes on them, in an instant. Black calla lilies have a strong personality, combining meanings of lust, and negativity with grace and sophistication.