Black Carnation - A Guide to Black Carnations

Black Carnation

Black carnations are filled with mystery. They are often associated with negative things, but even though they seem dark and scary, black carnations can be quite elegant and fancy.
Black carnations are not naturally obtained flowers, they do not exist in nature as such. They are dyed or genetically modified, just like blue flowers.

Black Carnation Description

  • Family: Caryophyllaceae
  • Origin: Black carnations are obtained by using genetic engineering and hybridization techniques. The Australian company Florigene obtained black carnations by taking the blue pigment from the genes of a petunia and insert it in the DNA of a deep red carnation.
  • Height: Black carnations grow from 12 to 18 inches.
  • Leaves: Black carnations are light blue in color with grey and green reflections.

Black Carnation Species

The light, spray and dwarf carnations are the three types of black carnations. The light are the regular ones, with one big flower on top of the stem, the spray are the ones which have more smaller flowers and the dwarf ones are those which have on one stem several flowers.

Black Carnation Meaning

Black carnations are quite rare and avoided mostly because they symbolize mourning and, therefore, death. Also, there are a few stories in the folklore in which giving a black carnation to someone means that you want the death of that person.

Black Carnations Arrangements

Black carnation arrangements are perfect for Halloween decorations. Black goes lovely with orange, so, placed in a vase with a pumpkin head shape, orange Asiatic lilies, some red button spray chrysanthemums, bronze cushion spray chrysanthemums, orange spray roses and one black carnation should do the “spooky trick”. This black carnation arrangement can make a lovely centerpiece for a Halloween party or it can be a great party gift.

Also, for a door decoration with black carnations arrangements, get an old looking mirror and write something scary with red paint on it. Then, hang it on the door and decorate it with faux black carnations covered with glitter.

Black Carnation Bouquets

Black carnations bouquets may be used as a sign of expressing one's sorrow for the lost of a loved one. They may be mixed with black roses, white roses or white carnations.

Black carnation bouquets are very elegant for Halloween, when they are mixed with lots of orange shading and thus, they are a little less spooky in a weird wonderful way.

Black Carnations in Gardens

Black carnations do not grow naturally in gardens, so they cannot be propagated, at least not yet. They are dyed or genetically modified in laboratories.


Black carnations maintain longer their freshness if their stems are cut from the bottom with a sharp metal knife. Also, a little salt from time to time may be placed in their water. They should not be kept in the sun as their foliage may turn yellow, nor should they be placed near an air-conditioner.

Black carnations symbolize death. They are somber, elegant flowers which are used with an exact purpose. They are both light and dark, having a dynamic aura upon their bloom. Black carnations will always be tabu flowers when it comes to decorations and the people who will dare to use them will have to really know how to place them right in any kind of arrangement.