Black Orchid - A Guide to Black Orchids

Black Orchid

Black orchids are mysterious flowers. You hear about them in witchcraft stories, in spooky legends and in myths. They are described as fantasy flowers that have magical powers. In reality, the black orchid is just and exotic and intriguing flower that is becoming a rarity as each day passes by, due to the continuous destruction of its natural environment.

Black Orchid Description

  • Family: Orchidaceae
  • Origin: Black orchids derive their name from the Greek “orchis”, which is the Greek word for testicle. Therefore, the black orchid was seen as a symbol of virility.
  • Sun exposure: Black orchids prefer partial sun exposure.
  • Height: Black orchids grow from 6 to 12 inches tall.
  • Soil: Soil containing pine bark, osmunda fiber and fir bark is best for growing blue orchids. The soil should have a PH balance and a suitable texture for growing blue orchids.
  • Leaves: Bright green in color, long, smooth and textured.
  • Blooming time: From July to September.
  • Maintenance: Black orchids are friendly flowers, they easily adapt to any environment. However, you should know that they prefer a warm temperature, not too hot, neither too cold.
  • Propagation method: Black orchids may be propagated using six methods: through division, by keiki, areal cuttings, meristem or tissue culture, which is a scientific method of propagating black orchids and last but not least, black orchids may be propagated through seeds or they can be obtained from dyeing white orchids with black dye. Also, white orchids can be dyed with black dye, becoming black orchids.

Black Orchid Species

There are two main types of black orchids: terrestrial (which grow on the ground) and epiphytes (which grow on trees). Also, there are many more types of black orchids, like Dendrobium fuliginosa, the “Black Pam” , Miltonioides leucomelas, Coelogyne pandurata, Oncidium henckenii, Dracula vampira, Dracula roezlii, a few hybrids like Paphiopedilum Maudiae Prieta Paphiopedilum Makuli “Candor Blackheart”, Paphiopedilum Black Velvet “Candor Neat”, Paphiopedilum Maudiae “Florafest’s Queen”. However, the truly pure deep black orchid remains the “Liparis nervosa”.

Black Orchid Meaning

Black orchids are a symbol of power and absolute authority. It is generally known that black is an imposing color, symbolizing authority and submission and, combined with the luxurious beauty of the orchid, the black orchid came out symbolizing great power . Although it is thought of having dark connotations, the black orchid is a sign of the elite class. They are formal and very classy.

Black Orchids Arrangements

Black orchids arrangements are used quite often in floristry, despite their mischievous color. They are elegant and classy and they are perfect for office parties or for complimenting your boss for his hard work.

Black orchid arrangements should be mixed, preferably, with white flowers, white roses, white orchids, white lilies, or with lavender and pale shades of pink. They can be used for centerpieces with no problem, whatsoever, highlighting the whole arrangement, because, whether you want it or not, black orchid arrangements will sure make an impression on anyone!

Black Orchid Bouquets

Black orchid bouquets can be used in weddings, as long as they are combined with white lilies, for example, and wrapped in a silk ribbon. Round and cascade are the most used black orchid bouquets. But, no matter the shape, the color will surely be noticed and appreciated, having both an elegant and exotic allure.

To create an out of the ordinary black orchid bouquet, you may mix them with white, puffy feathers and tie them up with silky bows.

Black Orchids in Gardens

Black orchids are not any more pretentious than the other types of orchids. You just need to plant the black orchid bulbs (but pay attention to them, as just because their parents were black in color, it doesn’t mean that they will be too) in the early days of springtime. Choose an area with complete sun exposure and plant the bulbs 2 inches deep in a well drained soil.


Cut black orchids should be placed in cool areas. They should be sprinkled on the blooms with fresh water, constantly. Also, they should not be touched with brutality, as they are flowers who easily get upset and loose their vigor. For precaution, you should wear gloves when handling them.

Black orchids are enchanting, challenging to grow flowers. Mysterious, beautiful, powerful and still delicate with their velvet leaves, the black orchids are something you should admire constantly and moreover, protect as they have been declared endangered species and thus, guarded in the wild.