Black Rose - A Guide to Black Roses

Black Rose

Black roses are not true black in color. Black roses do not truly exist. The only black roses there are out there are those that have a very deep red or purple color or the ones that are dyed with black paint. Other than this, black roses are wonderful to look at, they are mysterious and enchanting, they are glamorous and inexplicably odd, but beautiful in the meantime!

Black Rose Description

  • Family: Rosaceae
  • Origin: Black roses are what deep red or purple roses are called, they do not exist in nature in a pure color. Black roses may achieve a perfect black color only if dyed with black paint.
  • Sun exposure: Black roses prefer full sun when growing, about 6 to 8 hours per day.
  • Height: Black roses grow up to 4 feet tall.
  • Soil: Black roses’ soil must be well-drained, loose, having lots of nutrients.
  • Leaves: Black rose’ leaves are oval with serrated margins. They are pinnate and their color is evergreen.
  • Blooming time: Black roses bloom throughout the year.
  • Maintenance: Black roses should be cared for properly in order for them to develop nicely. They should be planted away from trees so that their nutrients are not soaked and they should be fertilized twice – once in spring, after the first bloom and then in midsummer.
  • Propagation method: Black roses may be propagated from seeds, from stem cuttings, by division, layering, budding, grafting, hybridizing, micro-propagation or planting bare root black roses or, they can be multiplied by dyeing white roses with black dye.

Black Rose Species

There are tons of sorts of roses out there, in your garden, in the wild, for you to enjoy and cherish. Here are some of the most beautiful black rose species: Black Jade, Cardinal de Richelieu, Chateau de Clos-Vougeot, Francis Dubreuil, Guinee, Mr. Lincoln, Nuits de Young purple Moss rose, Oklahoma, Souvenir du Dr Jamain, Sympathie, Taboo, The Prince, Tuscany Superb, Black Beauty.

Black Rose Meaning

Black roses symbolize death, hatred and farewell. They are dark flowers that have a mystical history. You will hear scary stories involving witchcraft where black roses were a definite must.

Also, you may want to be very careful when using black roses as they are too a symbol of revenge and they may also mean that you want to kill somebody. Being aware of this, make sure you don’t give your mother in law any kind of flower arrangement with black roses, or the next time you see your wife, it’ll be in court!

Black Roses Arrangements

Black roses arrangements are used in funeral ceremonies. As they are so dark and unhappy flowers, they express deep feelings of sorrow and sympathy.

Black rose arrangements are also very fashionable for Halloween decorations. Black roses may be mixed with lots of orange flowers, such as lilies, carnations, roses, gerbera daisies. They can be used in indoor decorations or placed on the hats of witches for a more powerful effect.

Black rose arrangements may also be mixed with white flowers, when wanting to express sorrow and with red roses when you want to create a more dramatic and exquisite effect.

Black Rose Bouquets

Yes, black roses bouquets are widely used and yes, even as bridal bouquets. Black roses are mysterious, dark and magical in the meantime.

A posey bridal black rose bouquet, wrapped in a silk ribbon is exactly what a daring bride needs. Accented with hot pink roses will create a much more dramatic effect, so do that if you think you can pull it off until the end of the party, with all tose rolling eyes you will have to endure.

Round black roses bouquets are also popular and if you spread some snapdragons or white calla lilies or lilies and orchids between the black roses, you will have a stunning result.

Black Roses in Gardens

Black roses do not require special treatment. They too have to bare the morning sunlight so that they can grow properly, they too shouldn’t be overcrowded as then they will not bloom anymore, and they too should be watered abundantly, but avoiding the blooms and the foliage. They must be pruned and cleaned off all dying leaves and blooms so that a new bloom can be encouraged.

Black rose bushes should be placed near white, yellow or red flowerbeds, but for a dramatic effect, place them near a white orchid tree and you will have your magical garden just like in the ghost stories!


Keep cut black roses away from direct sunlight. Feed them flower preservatives and place them in fresh water. Make sure their stems receive enough water and if not so, re-cut them and pour some lemon juice in their water, or even a sugar cube. Remove any foliage below water to prevent bacteria from attacking your black roses and you will have them freshly looking even for two weeks!