Blue Calla Lily - A Guide to Blue Calla Lilies

Blue Calla Lily

Blue calla lilies are magnificent flowers. They are serene, pure as the ocean and vast as the sky. Their exotic shape makes them brilliant to look at and incapable to look away. Blue calla lilies are used for weddings, funerals, parties, baptisms. They go gracefully with any occasion as they express feelings of gratitude and appreciation.

Blue Calla Lily Description

  • Family: Araceae
  • Origin: Blue calla lilies originate in Southern Africa. What is interesting is that the blue calla lily is neither a calla, nor a lily as it does not belong to the family of lilies.
  • Sun exposure: Blue calla lilies develop well in full sun. Partial shade is also recommended as this helps them bloom.
  • Height: Blue calla lilies are 18 to 40 inches tall.
  • Soil: Blue calla lilies need rich soil, moist and very well-drained.
  • Leaves: Blue calla lily leaves are dark green in color and have the shape of an arrow.
  • Blooming time: : Blue calla lilies bloom from early spring to mid summer.
  • Maintenance: Blue calla lilies should be planted 4 inches deep in the ground and about 12 feet from one another in order to develop nicely. They should be watered plenty and given fertilizers when spring comes.
  • Propagation method: Blue calla lilies can be propagated through seeds, by division in early spring and by basil cuttings in the summer.

Blue Calla Lily Species

All in all, there are about 30 species of calla lilies. Blue calla lilies can be found under the following shading names: French Blue Calla Lily, Ice Blue Calla Lily, Wedgwood Blue Calla Lily, Teal Blue Calla Lily, Blueberry Calla Lily, Sky Blue Calla Lily, Larkspur Blue Calla Lily, Deep Blue Calla Lily, Blue Marlin Calla Lily and Navy Blue Calla Lily.

Blue Calla Lily Meaning

Blue calla lilies are a symbol of royalty, serenity, peace and tranquility. They are very elegant without ever being too much. The blue calla lily is a flower specific to the Romanticism period. It is a symbol of love and desire.

Blue Calla Lilies Arrangements

Blue calla lily arrangements are perfect for all sorts of occasions. Due to their peaceful color, they can be easily mixed with more vivid colors like yellow. Also, for a delicate vase arrangement, combine pale blue calla lilies with white calla lilies or orchids – they will surely look stunning.

Blue calla lilies arrangements are also a perfect choice for your wedding. A blue shaded wedding is a very chic one. And if the blue flower choice is the calla lily, then you will have a fairytale wedding. Blue calla lilies arrangements look great as table centerpieces floating in round crystal bowls or as corsages tied onto the guest’s chests.

Blue calla lilies arrangements are used for funerals as well, as no other flower could show better appreciation and respect as the blue calla lily.

Blue Calla Lily Bouquets

Cascading blue calla lily bouquets, mixed with white calla lilies and abundant greenery are perfect for brides. They are very classy and in the meantime, quite extravagant. Blue calla lily bouquets have a really elegant touch, but they somehow become majestic in the arms of a bride.

Uncomplicated bouquets are the best as they let the blue calla lilies speak for themselves. So when trying a pageant blue calla lily bouquet, add just a silk ribbon to tie them up and nothing more.

For a round blue calla lily bouquet combine white and purple tulips with blue calla lilies, cream and blue freesias, to create a soft discrepancym and some black limoniun for texture and you will get in return spring herself, tied with a simple silk bow.

Blue Calla Lilies in Gardens

Blue calla lilies are quite easy to grow. You just have to remember that they like water very much and that they should be kept wet at all times. Plant them in early spring so that they should bloom in late May. Their bulbs spread on quite a large area, so plant them about 12 inches apart and 4 inches deep in the ground.


Keep cut blue calla lilies in cool places, cut the bottom of their stems from time to time, so that they can receive the proper amount of water needed and keep them away from refrigerators, television sets or any heat releasing object.

Also, keep blue calla lilies away from children and pets as they are tremendously poisonous.

Blue calla lilies are the flowers you need for your wedding to look classy and chic! They are the flowers you want to show your respects with to a departed or the flower you want to embellish the Church at you kid’s baptism! Blue calla lilies are just the flowers you need!