Blue Orchid - A Guide to Blue Orchids

Blue Orchid

Blue orchids are rare, beautiful and deep meaningful flowers. They bring satisfaction and happiness even to people who do not appreciate flowers very much, as their beauty is astonishing. Even if they are about to be extinct, they are popular flowers and very hard to get, as well.

Blue Orchid Description

  • Family: Orchidaceae
  • Origin: Blue orchids originate in ancient Greece. “Orchid” comes from the Greek “orchis”, meaning testicle. Thus, the blue orchid, rare as it was, was considered a symbol of virility. Moreover, the Aztecs believed it was the flower of strength and the Chinese thought of it as a miracle plant that cured lung disease and coughs.
  • Sun exposure: Blue orchids like bright light, so full sun is required.
  • Height: Blue orchids grow up to 30 inches tall.
  • Soil: Soil containing pine bark, osmunda fiber and fir bark is best for growing blue orchids. The soil should have a PH balance and a suitable texture for growing blue orchids.
  • Leaves: Bright green in color, long, winkled and floppy in shape and stature.
  • Blooming time: Blue orchids bloom in winter and all throughout spring. They can bloom about three times, unlike other orchids.
  • Maintenance: Blue orchids must be fed. From June to October, administrate them plant food containing a large amount of potash – this must be done once every two weeks.
  • Propagation method: Blue orchids may be propagated using six methods: through division, by keiki, areal cuttings, meristem or tissue culture, which is a scientific method of propagating blue orchids, and last but not least, blue orchids may be propagated through seeds or they can be obtained from dyeing white orchids with blue dye.

Blue Orchid Species

There are two main types of blue orchids: terrestrial (which grow on the ground) and epiphytes (which grow on trees).

The blue orchid is considered an endangered species as it is very rare and, due to their destroyed natural environment, there are only few of them left. Some of the original types of blue orchid are the Blue Dendrobium, Blue Coerulescens and Blue Coerulea.

However, there are plenty of hybridized species, as botanists and florists constantly dye white orchids into blue ones.

Blue Orchid Meaning

Blue orchids represent delicate beauty. They are royal in color, and therefore, they represent depth, power and stability. Also, the blue orchid is a symbol of tranquility and it can be easily associated with the vast, deep ocean, it is a calm and sweet flower.

Blue Orchids Arrangements

Blue orchids go wonderful with white lilies in arrangements. The electric blue will be softly paced by the purity of the white lily immediately and you will have a deep, meaningful arrangement. Blue orchid arrangements can be gracefully used in wedding receptions as it will give the party a very delicate touch.

Blue orchid arrangements are wonderful for centerpieces too, if placed in round bowls filled with water and letting them float above. For an underwater theme office party, they should be exquisite!

Blue Orchid Bouquets

Mix blue orchids with white lilies in a round, rich bouquet and you will be the most envied bride in the world! The blue orchid bouquet will scream elegance, magnificence and style!

Round are the best blue orchid bouquets, but pageant looks more chic! As they are quite rare to find, if you use blue orchids in your bouquet you will sure be remembered for a while. Blue orchids are so fresh and vivid that you will simply amaze everyone with your bouquet.

As an advice, if you want to mix other flowers in your blue orchid bouquet, try white roses and gypsophila on the side, white lilies as mentioned before or white orchids.

Blue Orchids in Gardens

Place blue orchids in a spot with full sun exposure. This is very important for their development. Water them plenty, everyday if possible in the growing period and give them as much airflow as they need. Also, fertilize them once a month.

Place your blue orchids near white flowerbeds and you will give your garden a heavenly look!


Freshly cut blue orchids should be placed in both cool places and in bright light. You will see that if you place them in light, their bloom will become transparent: a must see effect as it is one to die for! Also, keep cutting their stems every 2 days and sprinkle their blooms with water and the blue orchids will last fresh for a couple of weeks.

Blue orchids represent tranquility. Peaceful flowers, they tend to make our foreheads lighten up, bringing a smile to our face. Special species, they are cared for and loved dearly by every botanist and flower lover in the world.