Blue Rose - A Guide to Blue Roses

Blue Rose

Blue roses don’t exist. Blue roses are white roses dyed blue with paint. Blue roses are mysterious flowers. They are very special and they are highly admired by people throughout the world, mostly because their magnificent, unique, rare color and their association with the rose, which is known to be red. Blue roses are simply enchanting flowers!

Blue Rose Description

  • Family: Rosaceae
  • Origin: True blue roses do not exist in nature, as there is no such pigment to color them naturally. So, blue roses are dyed blue. Actually white roses are dyed with blue paint and so, blue roses become alive. In 2004, an Australian company first obtained a blue rose by using genetic engineering.
  • Height: Blue roses grow up to 4 feet tall.
  • Leaves: Blue roses’ leaves oval with serrated margins, pinnate and evergreen in color.
  • Propagation method: Blue roses may be obtained by dying white roses blue or by genetic engineering as there are no blue natural pigments to make them true blue.

Blue Rose Species

There are tons of sorts of roses out there, in your garden, in the wild, for you to enjoy and cherish. Blue rose species are the same as the white rose species, as in fact blue roses are naturally white. So, here they are: Aorangi, Bouquet Tout Fait, Alba Maxima, Ash Wednesday, Blush Noisette, Pascali, Auckland Metro, Caroline de Monaco, Anne-Marie de Montravel, Botzaris, Hybrid Musk, Dupontii, Francois Guillot, Frau Karl Druschki, French Lace, Full Sail, Garden Party, Glamis Castle, Gourmet Popcorn, Green Ice, Gruss an Aachen , Guinevere, Heaven, Iceberg rose, Honor, Holy Rose, Ivory Fashion, Jeanne d'Arc, Lace Cascade, Lamarque, Mme Plantier, Marie Pavie, Margaret Merril, Mary Webb, Mermaid, Cl Mrs Herbert Stevens, Mme Hardy, Mme Alfred Carriere, Mt Hood, Nevada (Hybrid Moyesii), Pax, Penelope, Pillow Fight, Pretty Lady, Princess of Wales, Whisper, Sally Holmes , Scentasia, Sombreuil, Souv de Philemon Cochet, R. Rugosa Alba, Thisbe, Wedding Day, Trier, Seagull.

Blue Rose Meaning

Blue roses symbolize mystery. They are royal flowers that stand for feelings such as hope and attaining the impossible, pushing the limits.

Also, blue roses symbolize youth and it is believed that they grant wishes to those who are in their possession. Blue roses stand for things like love at first sight and it is said that they have enchanting powers.

Blue Roses Arrangements

Blue rose arrangements are eye catching, for sure. They are rare and unusual, but very popular in flower shops. Blue roses are special flowers. They can be used for any occasion, as their meaning elps them a lot.

So, if you want to send your love a blue rose arrangement, don’t think about it twice, as she will surely be thrilled. Try mixing blue roses with yellow or white or even pale pink and lavender and you will blow her away!

Blue roses arrangements are also a nice choice for showing sympathy. A flower basket with blue roses and white callas are a magnificent way to say goodbye to a loved one. They are splendid and they hold so much emotion.

Blue rose arrangements are ideal for weddings, too. Planning your big day in winter, summer, spring or fall? No worries, blue roses are available throughout the year and you will have them freshly looking on your tables, placed on your coats and in your hands.

Blue Rose Bouquets

Blue rose bouquets are very popular in the eyes of young brides. Especially as they are seen as royal flowers, expressing hope and youth. Blue roses may be mixed with white and pink roses, hot pink carnations, mini white carnations, orchids, orange lilies and so on!

Posey blue rose bouquets should, however, be kept simple, maybe mixed with a little white silk ribbon and a few pearls, but if you want a really spectacular effect, keep it simple!

Cascade blue rose bouquets are lovely, but they can only be seen like this if mixed with lilies, as lilies will grant them the bow needed for the cascade effect!

Blue Roses in Gardens

Blue roses do not exist in gardens, but white roses which will become blue after dyeing them with blue paint, do. So, for healthy growing white roses that will become blue, remember to keep them in full sunlight, water them properly, not very often but with abundance when you do, fertilize them twice, once in spring after the first bloom and then again in midsummer and prune them in late spring.


In order for your blue roses to remain fresh, you have to place them in a clean, very clean vase. As the blue roses are dyed blue, they will die faster than the others if they are not cared for properly. So, change their water daily, remove any foliage below the water to prevent any bacteria attack, re-cut their stems and place lemon juice or a sugar cube in their vase water if you see them dying.

Also, keep blue roses in cool places, away from any source of heat and in a relatively dark place just after receiving them.

Blue roses are rare flowers. Rare and beautiful, although not natural. They are craved for in every florists’ shop, just like the candy you know you shouldn’t eat because it’s not good for you. They are so appreciated because in reality, they don’t exist and thus, they are wanted even and even more!