Blue Tulip - A Guide to Blue Tulips

Blue Tulip

Blue tulips are delightful flowers. They stand out in any arrangement and they fill up a room with color and radiance. Blue tulips are not natural flowers – they are either dyed or hybridized, but not true blue in color – however, this does not prevent them from being as popular as they are.

Blue tulips are elegant and ravishing in both color and shape and they are a “must” in ever respectable spring garden!

Blue Tulip Description

  • Family: Liliaceae
  • Origin: “True blue” tulips do not exist. There are either blue dyed tulips or hybrid blue tulips with shades of blue violet or lilac. Although they are often associated with Holland, blue tulips are native to Central Asia, as the Turks were the ones who spread their beauty in North Western Europe. The word itself, the Latinized “tulip”, is a derivate from the Turkish “turbanin”, referring to the shape of the bloom’s flower.
  • Sun exposure: Blue tulips need full sun exposure in order to fully develop.
  • Height: Blue tulips grow from 8 to 28 inches.
  • Soil: Rich soil, slightly sandy and moist is required for blue tulips.
  • Leaves: Blue tulip leaves are grayish blue in color.
  • Blooming time: Blue tulips blooming time lasts from early and mid to late spring.
  • Maintenance: Blue tulips are easy to grow. They have to be planted in the fall, before the first snow, as they need a cooler time period in order to bloom in the spring and they should be watered moderately daily.
  • Propagation method: Blue tulips can be propagated using two methods – through seeds or bulbs.

Blue Tulip Species

There are two categories of blue tulips – species and garden tulips. There are about 100 species of blue tulips and thousands of garden blue tulips. Breeder Tulips, Darwin Tulips, Parrot Tulips, Cottage Tulips, Lily-flowered Tulips, and Early Tulips are the most known types of blue tulips.

Blue Tulip Meaning

Blue tulips are royal flowers. They stand for loyalty, unity and trust. Having the color of the sky, blue tulips also symbolize tranquility and thus, peace.

Charming flowers, blue tulips are therefore used for a wide range of occasions – from weddings to birthdays, parties and even funerals.

Blue Tulips Arrangements

Blue tulips are out of the ordinary flowers. So, if you are an out of the ordinary bride, you will surely want blue tulip arrangements in your wedding.

Blue tulips go wonderful with white and purple, so try mixing them with white tulips and black Calla lilies. Also, blue tulips arrangements look great when combined with freesia, cream or blue in color.

Blue tulips arrangements are often used for sympathy, usually assorted with white flowers, as well.

Blue Tulip Bouquets

Blue tulip bouquets are elegant. In white lily and blue tulip bouquets for brides, blue tulips always give a flamboyant touch to it.

Traditionally hand-tied, cascade, posey or round, blue tulip bouquets are exceptional. Assorted with hydrangeas, they are elegant and royal. Also, if used in weddings, blue tulips bouquets stand for loyalty and fidelity and they also fulfill that “something blue” in the old traditional saying “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”.

Blue Tulips in Gardens

Although blue tulips are a hybridizers dream, various shades of purple and lilac tulips will grow from bulbs each year. So, if you want a colorful flower bed in your garden, they are perfect for either formal or informal gardens.

They can be planted alongside yellow tulips, as they will make the bed cheerful and glowing or they can be mixed with spring flowers where they will stand out immediately, for sure.


Blue tulips are outstanding cut flowers, they are long lasting and fresh looking if you know how to take care of them. So, pay attention: cut blue tulips grow each day about an inch so cut their stems if not daily, than every two days with a sharp metal knife. Also, keep them in cool places, otherwise they will loose their petals as they will open excessively.

Blue tulips are popular flowers, despite their unusual color. They make every bouquet special due to their wonderful bloom shape. Graceful, elegant, blue tulips are inspirational for any occasion!