Brown Calla Lily - A Guide to Brown Calla Lilies

Brown Calla Lily

Brown calla lilies are special flowers, exotic and glamorous, but still elegant and somber. Brown calla lilies are empowering, manly flowers that induce a sort of strength but still remain delicate, in some way.

Brown Calla Lily Description

  • Family: Araceae
  • Origin: The origin of the brown calla lily is in southern Africa. Its name is somehow imprecise as the flower is neither a calla, nor a lily. This flower moved from country to country and changed its name various times, so the origin of the brown calla lily dates back to ancient times and exotic places.
  • Sun exposure: Brown calla lilies need both sunlight and dark to develop properly. The dark helps the brown calla lilies bloom and the sun helps them grow.
  • Height: Brown calla lilies are 12 to 24 inches tall.
  • Soil: Brown calla lily soil should be well drained and moist.
  • Leaves: Brown calla lily leaves are large and green, really smooth on the surface and curly at the top.
  • Blooming time: Brown calla lilies bloom in May and in June.
  • Maintenance: Brown calla lilies need a humid climate in order for them to grow properly. They should receive flower food about twice a month, through fertilizing or placing compost in the soil. This will ensure the blooming all year round and prevent the brown calla lily from any disease.
  • Propagation method: Brown calla lilies can be propagated through planting seeds, bulbs, dividing.

Brown Calla Lily Species

All in all there are about 30 species of calla lilies. Brown calla lilies, can be seen in nature taking the shape of: Captain Maori, Naomi Campbell or Maroon Sensation.

Brown Calla Lily Meaning

Associated with the sixth wedding anniversary, the brown calla lily is a representation of magnificent beauty. Brown calla lilies represent mystery and dependability at the same time. Charming and beautiful, brown calla lilies are a sign of grandeur.

Brown Calla Lilies Arrangements

Brown calla lilies are perfect for tropical weddings. They are so very exotic that will make an astonishing arrangement at any given time.

Due to their somber appearance, they can also be used for expressing sorrow for the departed, so sympathy baskets with brown calla lilies may be found often.

For wedding arrangements, brown calla lilies can easily be used as single flowers or they can be mixed with other tropical flowers, such as hibiscus, orchids or flamingo flowers. Now concerning colors, use light ones in mixed brown calla lily arrangements and different shades of brown calla lilies when used single.

Brown Calla Lily Bouquets

Hand tied, round or nosegay, brown calla bouquets have one thing in common: they are so very elegant and chic. They inspire true beauty and grandeur. For bridal bouquets, brown calla lily bouquets may be assorted with butter cream roses and filler. Also, they shall look stunning if mixed with white orchids, or just left plain simple and tied with a silky bow wrapped around their stems. Their glamorous look will make any bouquet a joy to look at.

So, if you are having a tropical themed wedding, you like to make an impression on your guests and you really want the event itself never to be forgotten, use brown calla lilies in your bridal bouquet and you will sure achieve this result!

Brown Calla Lilies in Gardens

When planting brown calla lilies in your garden, make sure that the climate in which they shall grow is humid enough. You should however, not mind the soil in which they grow as they are quite familiar with any kind of soil type, due to their massive trip in different countries throughout the years.

Plant your brown calla lilies in a safe spot, away from all the other traditional flowers, so they can stand out in the flowerbed. Also, if you want to mix them with a decorative object, make sure it is light colored, so that the brown calla lilies don’t loose their glamour.


In order for the brown calla lilies to last longer after cutting, try to handle them as little as possible. Avoid touching their heads and make sure they have plenty of water in the vase. Keep them away from any source of heat and place them in a cool spot in your home. Also, be careful with the stems of the brown calla lilies, as they often drip and usually leave stains. If you want to use them for a bouquet, let them without receiving any water, for about 30 minutes, and this will eventually stop the dripping and avoid the staining.

Brown calla lilies are simply magnificent, out of the ordinary flowers. Combined with shades of red or light colors, they stand out in any arrangement, expressing elegance and style. Brown calla lilies are a wonderful choice for wedding arrangements, but they can also express a farewell in case of a departure.