Brown Rose - A Guide to Brown Roses

Brown Rose

Brown roses are unique flowers. They are both tender and sweet, yet no too girly and perfect for your male companion. Brown roses may be found in various shades for you to admire, from smokey to iced-tea, brown roses can be found and can be used as you please, for any occasion you may think of!

Brown Rose Description

  • Family: Rosaceae
  • Origin: Brown roses were known to grow mostly in the Northern Hemisphere. Some of the first appearances of the brown roses were on the hills of the Greek island, Crete.
  • Sun exposure: Brown roses prefer full sun when growing, morning sun is better than the afternoon sun.
  • Height: Brown roses grow up to 4 feet tall.
  • Soil: Brown roses’ soil must be well-drained, loose, having lots of nutrients, moist and rich in nutrients.
  • Leaves: Brown roses’ leaves are oval with serrated margins. They are dark green in color and their color never fades away.
  • Blooming time: Brown roses most likely bloom three times in June.
  • Maintenance: Mulch your brown roses after seeding them. Give them plenty of water, but not too often and make sure you don’t get their blooms or leaves wet when watering them, as they might die.
  • Propagation method: Brown roses may be propagated from seeds, from stem cuttings, by division, layering, budding, grafting, hybridizing, micro-propagation or planting bare root brown roses.

Brown Rose Species

There are tons of sorts of roses out there, in your garden, in the wild, for you to enjoy and cherish. Here are some of the most beautiful brown rose species: Chocolate Prince, Colorbreak, Hot Chocolate, Hot Cocoa, Brown Velvet, Mayflower rose, Auguste Renoir, Tasman Bay.

Brown Rose Meaning

Brown roses are a symbol of friendship and saying “Thank you” to an employee, for example. They confer warmth, stability and are the perfect flowers for a man.

Brown Roses Arrangements

Brown roses arrangements look very sophisticated on any occasion. They can wonderfully be used as wedding decorations as they are very elegant and chic.

Brown roses arrangements may be assorted with white flowers, such as white roses, daisies, calla lilies, or they can be wonderfully mixed with shades of orange and caramel.

For centerpieces, brown rose arrangements will look astonishing on your wedding tables, alongside yellow and orange flowers, if you, let’s say decide to have a late summer or autumn wedding.

Brown Rose Bouquets

Brown rose bouquets may be used for various occasions: birthdays, graduations, even weddings. Just try to gather up a dozen brown roses in a wonderful round bouquet and tie them with a silk ribbon. They will take your breath away!

Brown rose bouquets may be mixed with white, yellow and orange flowers and of course, tons of greenery, brown goes really well with shades of green.

For a bridal brown rose bouquet, try keeping it simple. Just wrap the brown roses and add some white pearls or satin ribbons and you will have a very unique and tasteful brown rose arrangement or bouquet.

Brown Roses in Gardens

Place your brown roses in a sunny spot, away from any kind of trees, as they might take all their nutrients away. Remember that brown roses need space in order to fully develop, so arrange them in a way that they surely will.

For a wonderful view, place your brown rose bushes near white orchid trees or white calla lilies.


Cut brown roses should be kept in a clean vase, at all times, otherwise bacteria may form and harm them badly. Also, remove any underwater foliage and protect the blooms from water.

Do not keep cut brown roses in warmth, keep them in cool places and, if you need to use them for decorations, keep them the night before you use them, in the refrigerator.

Brown roses are beautiful flowers. They are the perfect solution for your male teacher at the end of the school, they express sorrow if used in funeral arrangements, they say a wonderful “Thank You”, appreciating someone’s hard work. Brown roses are wonderful, not too feminine, nor too harsh or manly, they are perfect!