Brown Flowers - A Guide to Brown Flowers

"God has a brown voice, as soft and full as beer." -- Anne Sexton
Brown Flowers

Brown flowers can be offered to accompany a box of chocolates. They are associated to nature, fall and the earth. This brown flower guide will give an overview of brown flower types, meanings and how you can use them as wedding flowers or for your flower arrangements.

Brown is one of the neutral colors symbolizing the earth. In nature, flower is encountered in the color of the soil, of dying fall leaves, in clay and wood. While regarded as dull, brown is a nourishing color associated to wholesomeness, simplicity and friendliness. It is also said to stimulate appetite, as brown is also the color of coffee, cocoa and chocolate.

In feng shui, brown represents the Wood element, being widely used in the kitchen and living room area. Too much brown on the other hand, may cause lack of drive and ambition as it may be often a color suggesting laziness or a repressed personality. Brown represents everything that’s material, organic and down to earth.

Brown flowers are more masculine, conveying a sense of warmth and stability, due to the association between brown and the earth. Brown flowers celebrate the harvest and nature, but in a more understated tone than orange flowers do.

Brown flowers are used in arrangements in order to help other colors appear brighter. Shades of tan or beige achieve this effect. Brown flowers should be employed to bring the warmth of a sunny fall day.

Combining brown flowers with flowers of different colors should obey the following color matching rules:

  • Brown flowers can be matched with mellow yellow flowers or rusty orange flowers, which brighten a brown flower arrangement.
  • A perky, but conservative look can be achieved by mixing brown flowers with greenery and vermilion or deep purple flowers.
  • Another hot and smart look can be achieved by mixing brown flowers with orange-red flowers.
  • Shades of brown flowers combined with green foliage in earthy pairs, conveys a sense of earth-friendliness and recycling.
  • Using dark brown flowers or foliage instead of black flowers, can add a slightly warmer tone to the arrangement.

Using brown flowers as a main theme color for your wedding is definitely daring, especially if you’re having a fall wedding, but be careful, since the brown flower variety is not too wide. On the other hand, solely brown flowers can be sometimes overbearing.

You might want to try having an orange red and brown flower hand tied bridal bouquet for an ivory or cream wedding dress.

Also, brown flowers go perfectly with pink and hot pink flowers in centerpieces or wedding arrangements. This combination is playful and joyful, since brown and pink suggest chocolate and strawberries.

Another successful wedding theme would be brown and buttercream. Try combining chocolate brown roses or calla lilies with buttercream roses or magnolias in your bridal or bridesmaids’ bouquets, as well as in centerpieces, wedding arrangements or buttoniers.

For an October wedding, another stunning theme that you can use for your big day is Tiffany blue and brown.

Brown flowers go awesome with golden flowers or other dry golden greenery (even golden dyed dry greenery).

Brown flowers are rarest among colored flowers, the most popular and significant brown flower being:

  • Brown Rose

    Brown roses come in a wide range of shades, varying from café au lait to ice tea. This brown flower is especially suited for men, being the perfect way to tell a man you love him.

  • Brown Calla Lily

    Perfect for any occasion, suited to every recipient, the brown calla lily is an exotic, slightly masculine flower. A new trend in exotic weddings, these brown flowers come in shades of chocolate and dark maroon.