Orange Flowers - A Guide to Orange Flowers

"Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow."
-- Wassily Kandinsky
Orange Flowers

Orange flowers bring a lively touch to any flower arrangement or bouquet. This orange flowers guide introduces you to the meaning of orange flowers, presents the most popular types of orange flowers and gives some hints in combining orange flowers with other colors.

Orange is a flamboyant and vibrating color, expressing the energy and warmth of red, combined with the happiness and sunshine of yellow. Orange is the traditional color associated with fall and the harvest, the setting sun, oranges and the tropics.

In nature, it is encountered in the color of the falling leaves, in a variety of orange flowers, in pumpkins and in citrus fruits.

In feng shui, orange, associated with the fire element, is the “social” color, promoting conversations and good times. As a feng shui color, orange is a popular choice for the living room, kitchen or children’s room, through decorating accessories. As a therapeutic effect, orange is said to enhance appetite.

Orange flowers symbolize, in general, energy, happiness, creativity, confidence, stimulation and pride. The orange flowers, whose colors can range from vermillion to ginger, usually bring a touch of vibrancy and enthusiasm.

Depending on the shade of orange they are endowed with, orange flowers can have various meanings, which one should consider when deciding to offer them as gifts:

  • Red orange flowers are a token of aggression, domination, pleasure, sexual desire and passion.
  • Dark orange flowers are associated with the lack of trust and deceit.
  • Gold orange flowers can symbolize wisdom, wealth and high quality.
  • Citrus orange flowers suggest good health.
  • Peach flowers stand for friendliness.

As it is said that orange enhances the oxygenation of the brain, stimulating the mental and social activities, orange is often used in interior decorating and flower arrangements in order to get people thinking or to determine them to socialize.

Orange flowers are widely used in flower arrangements in order to add elegance and sophistication, but also to induce warmth, energy and joy. Orange flower arrangements are extremely eye-catching, as the orange color is highly visible and it calls for attention.

When mixing orange flowers in arrangements, some basic rules of thumb in combining colors need to be taken into consideration:

  • As opposites attract, blue flowers are a great match to orange flowers, since orange and blue are complementary colors on the color wheel.
  • For creating a sensation of warmth and energy, orange flowers can be combined with adjacent colors such as red and yellow flowers, which give a fresh and fruity touch.
  • Pink flowers should be cautiously mixed with orange flowers due to the psychedelic effect created by their togetherness. However, this combination creates a 60’s effect, especially if you add a touch of medium or bright blue.
  • A dash of orange flowers and purple flowers, mixed with lots of white flowers or mellow yellow flowers, can create an attractive look, without being too flashy.
  • For a tropical effect, orange flowers can be combined with citrus green flowers or bouquet greenery.
  • Orange flowers go well also with black flowers in Halloween flower arrangements, as black and orange are traditionally associated with this holiday.

Hot orange flowers can be used for bridal bouquets in order to establish a sharp contrast with a white or cream dress, creating a bold look for a bride who wishes to stand out on her wedding day.

For a more classic look, an orange flower bouquet should be sprinkled with white flowers, or a lighter shade of orange should be chosen. For instance a peach rose bouquet expresses the same liveliness, while being discreet at the same time.

Orange flowers are usually used extensively in centerpieces for late summer and autumn weddings.

The most popular orange flowers used for weddings are: orange roses, peach roses, strelitzia, orange lilies and orange gerbera daisies.

Here is our selection of the most popular orange flowers:

  • Orange Lily

    Also called the Fire Lily, the Orange Lily often symbolizes hatred or the death of the recipient when offered as a gift.

  • Tiger Lily

    A species of orange and black lily, the Tiger Lily is a token of pride, wealth and jealousy.

  • Strelitzia

    More commonly known as the “Bird of Paradise” or Crane Lily, Strelitzia Reginae is associated with freedom, magnificence and good perspective.

  • Orange Rose

    A result of hybridization techniques, this orange flower was born from combining yellow roses and red roses. Orange roses primarily signify passionate romance, burning desire and enthusiasm.

  • Peach Rose

    Ranging from light peach tones to papaya shades, the peach rose is a symbol of sincerity, gratitude, friendship and appreciation. Peach roses are used to send out messages such as “closing the deal”, “Thank you” or “Let’s get together”.

  • Orange Gerbera Daisy

    While orange gerbera daisies preserve the meaning of daisies in general, innocence and purity, this hot orange flower color also suggests cheerfulness. The orange gerbera daisy is said to be one of the best flowers to apologize, the message it conveys being: “You are the sunshine of my life”.