Pink Flowers - A Guide to Pink Flowers

“Pink – it was love at first sight, pink gets me high as a kite.”
-- Aerosmith
Pink Flowers

Pink flowers bring calmness to your life and fill your heart with Love. They are gentle and delicate. This pink flowers guide will take you through the various species of pink flowers, their meaning and use in arrangements and weddings.

Pink is the color of little girls, of the Barbie doll, it’s the nicest and softest side of red, standing for “sugar, spice and everything nice”. Pink is an emblem of everything’s that feminine and sweet, it is the color of strawberry ice cream and bubblegum.

In nature, pink is encountered in the color of a large variety of pink flowers such as carnations and roses, which are said to be originally pink, tulips, daisies, gerbera daisies and Stargazer lilies. Thinking pink means thinking positive, thus pink represents optimism and joy. Pink is a romantic color, conveying less passionate romance and more purity than red does. In popular culture, pink is a color of gay pride. Also, the Pink Ribbon is the International symbol of the Fight against Breast Cancer.

In feng shui, pink is used as a soothing color, being universally associated with tenderness. As a feng shui element, pink is a Fire Color, which goes best with green, which is a Wood color. This vibrant, active combination brings energy to your living place. Consider soft light pink for your walls and hot magenta elements for decorating. Pink is a good choice for your bathroom or for your little girl’s bedroom. However, using pink in your living place creates a floating sensation, giving the sensation that you are living in a world of illusion.

Whether it’s hot, soft, salmon or magenta, a pink flower always makes a statement when offered as a gift. Pink flowers convey gentility, grace, youth, joy and innocence. They represent passion, as they are cooler variants of red, but at the same time pink flowers symbolize shyness, since pink is associated to blushing cheeks.

Depending on their shade of pink, pink flowers carry several significations:

  • Pale pink flowers are graceful, they express gentleness and send out gratitude when offered as gifts to the ones you love.
  • Light pink flowers express joy and happiness and they always add a touch of fun and youth.
  • Deep pink flowers represent deeper, more intense feelings, saying “Thank you” to the ones who receive them.

A pink flower arrangement will always carry a sense of delicacy, refinement and feminism. Pink flowers are used in all types of arrangements, whether you want a touch of sweetness and innocence by using pastel or candy pink, or you want to go for passionate and daring by using hot and posh pink flowers.

When creating your own pink flower arrangements, consider these simple color matching rules to create an astonishing effect:

  • Pink flowers are perfect in a mixed arrangement with light purple flowers and lilac flowers.
  • Combine several shades and types of pink flowers, especially cotton candy pink, hot pink and ultra or posh pink in order to create amazing arrangements. Add a sprinkle of bright green greenery or green chrysanthemum for a very refreshing color combination.
  • Bright green flowers such as orchids or chrysanthemum are an excellent asset to pink flowers, since the two colors are complementary, provide a great contrast and enhance each other beautifully.
  • Be careful when matching pink tones. While it’s great to mix dark pink with light pink flowers, it’s best to keep cool pink tones such as magenta apart from warm pink tones such as salmon.
  • Achieve a psychedelic effect by mixing hot pink flowers with bright purple and hot orange flowers, which put together give that 60s look.
  • In order to create a romantic, tender flower arrangement, try combining light cool pink flowers with complementary shades, such as baby blue.
  • Also light shades of yellow, like lemon chiffon, go awesome with light pink flowers, such as cherry blossom pink, if you want a fresh spring arrangement.
  • If you want stronger accents that define your flowers more strongly, try using brighter shades, but be careful not to overdue it, by using brilliant blue or yellow with soft pink flowers. The result will be a disaster.
  • As pink is the little sister of red, pink flowers can be easily combined with red flowers for more tonal arrangements.
  • White flowers add purity to your pink flower arrangements and are the perfect choice for wedding flowers arrangements.

Alongside the traditional white flowers, pink flowers are definitely the second most popular choice for wedding flowers, since they inherit the love and passion from red and the purity and perfection of light, cool colors. Whether you have a white, pink, red or blue wedding theme don’t hesitate to use pink flowers in your wedding arrangements, centerpieces or bouquets. They will add a touch of elegance and distinction. However, refrain from using them for buttoniers, since pink is the least masculine flower. Try using instead white flowers, or the color of your wedding theme if it’s different from pink.

Here are a few tips that you can benefit from when planning your pink flower wedding:

  • If you have a pink dress and don’t want to be “too pink”, consider adding a bit of subtlety with white flowers which have only discrete shades or streaks of pink. A good choice would be Stargazer lilies or some types of cymbidium orchids.
  • Pink roses are definitely a favorite, as they look great and there is a great variety to choose from, whether they are fully pink or white with just some pink accents.
  • You can also use pink gerberas for your wedding, either standalone or to complement other flowers like orchids or roses. You can choose subtle pale pinks or dusty pinks, but if you really want to make a statement go for the bold cerise pink gerberas, like the “Serena” variety.
  • Pink flowers are an excellent choice for an Easter Wedding, as this color will smoothly blend in with the pastel colors of springtime.
  • A Valentine’s Day wedding is also great to use pink flowers alongside red flowers. Use pale pink tones to cool down bright red ones if you use a red wedding theme, or consider a pink wedding theme with dashes of red.

Whether you want to go with pale blush or hot fuchsia, pink flowers cover a wide range of emotions, and their different textures and shades offer you the chance to be a versatile bride: romantic, sophisticated, sweet.

The most frequently used pink wedding flowers are:

  • Roses
  • Calla Lilies
  • Stargazer Lilies
  • Gerberas
  • Tulips
  • Carnations
  • Orchids

Although the variety of pink flowers is overwhelming, we chose to present you our favorite selection of these enchanting flowers:

  • Pink Rose

    Pink roses are the oldest known roses in the world, being depicted in early paintings. These pink flowers often convey sweetness, elegance and grace, being associated to poetic romance. The most popular varieties of pink roses are: “Panache”, “Tarentella”, “Venus”, “Hot Lips” and “High&Royal”.

  • Pink Lily

    The pink lily signifies prosperity and wealth on one hand and youth and aspiration on the other. These pink flowers come in a large variety, from light to hot and dark pink: the Oriental Lily “Hot Lips”, the Asiatic Lily “Lollipop” and the Pink Stargazer Lily. This last pink flower is perfect for any occasion due to its striking appearance and extraordinary powerful scent.

  • Pink Hydrangea

    Pink hydrangeas can be obtained from white hydrangeas and enhanced by adding dolomitic lime in the soil in which you grow them. Sometimes you cannot obtain these pink flowers this easily, since it’s a matter of chance if the plant changes its color or not. Due to its large bloom, they are a popular choice for bridal bouquets.

  • Pink Gerbera Daisy

    The pink gerbera daisy is a popular pink flower grace to its availability through the year. Among the various varieties of this pink flower, which range from bubblegum pink to fuchsia and dark pink, we mention only a few: “Merlot”, “Napoleon”, “Woman” and “Kimsey”.

  • Pink Tulip

    The pink tulip was very fashionable in Europe, and especially Holland, during the 17th century. Among the pink tulip species, the most outstanding ones are: “Pink Dream”, “Matchmaker”, “Mistress” and “Jumbo Pink”. When offering these pink flowers you show the receiver that you are truly caring.

  • Pink Daisy

    Pink daisies suggest summer, innocence and joy. These pink flowers are often used for rural summer weddings, especially varieties like: Pink Daisy Poms, Pink African Daisies and Mammoth Mum Dark Pink Daisy.

  • Pink Calla Lily

    The pink calla lilies are a breathtaking choice for your big day. These pink flowers symbolizing the female body, come in different sizes and shades of pink to fulfill your every need, whether you want to use them in your bouquets or centerpieces.

  • Pink Orchid

    Pink orchids are the perfect choice if you want a long-lasting flower arrangement or vase bouquet. Offering these splendid pink flowers is a sign of pure affection towards the receiver. If you want to grow them in your garden or home, you will be surprised at how easily it is to take care of them.

  • Pink Hibiscus

    The tropical pink hibiscus is an emblem of the state of Hawaii and the ideal pink flower for a tropical wedding. These pink flowers come in a great variety of sizes, from dwarf to 6m hibiscus and species, such as the “Lady Baltimore”, which is in great demand, and the “Confederate Rose”.

  • Pink Carnation

    The pink carnation is a symbol of a mother’s eternal love. The legend of these pink flowers says that they sprung out from the tears of Virgin Mary which was suffering as Jesus was carrying the Cross.