Calla Lilies - A Guide to Calla Lily Flowers

“The calla lilies are in bloom again. Such a strange flower—suitable to any occasion. I carried them on my wedding day, and now I place them here in memory of something that has died.” -- K. Hepburn
Calla Lilies

The calla lily is one of the most unique flowers in the world having a rare shaped form. Although it is named "lily", the calla lily is not really a lily – calla lilies are native to Sothern Africa and you can find them in various shades of green, pink, purple, orange or yellow. Calla lilies can be kept indoors, but you can easily grow them outside in forms of flowerbeds, borders or bouquets. Calla lilies are extremely elegant flowers, they are the symbol of magnificence and pure beauty. But even though "calla" stands for "beautiful" in Greek, the roots of this wondrous flower are extremely poisonous.

The Calla Lily Flower

The calla lily flower is the symbol of magnificence and beauty. The calla lily flower has a Greek origin in its symbolism and in name. The legend of the calla lily says that the calla lilies originate from the breast milk of Greek Goddess Hera, while she was unconsciously nursing Zeus's son, Hercules. The drops that gushed from her breast spread over heavens forming the Milky Way and the ones that fell on Earth became calla lilies.

In religion, the calla lily is used as a symbol of Resurrection during the Christian Easter service. It is sad that the cone shaped petals symbolize trumpets, heralding victory. The calla lily flower also symbolized Christ's passion on the cross and in art it is usually painted by the side of Virgin Mary or alongside the Angel of Annunciation. Thus, in religion, the calla lily flower symbolizes holiness and faith, innocence and rebirth.

Throughout history, the calla lily flower was used to express ones feelings of admiration or many such hidden symbols.

As Katherine Hepburn stated, the calla lily can be used as a uniquely elegant wedding flower, inspiring purity and heavenly bliss, devotion and faith, but it is also a symbol of sympathy and purity for the departed soul.

Calla lilies are extraordinary flowers to grow in your garden, they are available in a multitude of colors and it is perfect if you want to use them in beds or borders. So, if you want to grown your own calla lily garden, here is the thing to do:

  • The first thing you need to know is that calla lilies are quite easy to grow.
  • Calla lilies do not require too much attention, so after you choose the perfect and also the right spot in your garden for your calla lilies to grow in, you will only need to be very, very careful how you plant them.
  • Soil: When you plant your calla lilies you must make sure they are planted in well drained, loose soil.
  • Sun: Calla lilies prefer full exposure to sun or partial shade in some parts where the climate is warmer.
  • Season: Calla lilies are usually planted in spring, but only when the soil is warm, so that they can bloom in mid summer.
  • Planting: Calla lilies must be placed deep in the soil and spaced about one foot apart from each other.
  • Watering: Calla lilies crave for water so you need to water them well and keep them moist.

If you follow all these rules, calla lilies will sparkle in your garden in a way that will stir envy from your neighbors.

The calla lily flower is widely known for its magical bell-shaped blossoms that can enrich any bouquet or arrangement. There are limitless ideas for a calla lily bouquet or a calla lily arrangement, all you have to do is embrace your imagination and think about what kind of statement you wish to make with your calla lily bouquet.

  • If you wish to express innocence or infinite beauty – a calla lily bouquet is the right choice – with its unique look, you will definitely impress!
  • Also, if you wish to create a grouped arrangement, use calla lilies along with tulips, lilies and peonies - the effect will be magical!
  • For a dramatic effect, use mini calla lilies in bouquets or arrangements, the result will be perfect for a bridesmaid bouquet for example.
  • For an eye catching calla lily bouquet try to use different colors – although calla lilies are known to be mostly white, there are still orange, yellow, green or pink calla lilies out there.
  • A contrasting calla lily bouquet can be formed out of traditional white calla lilies and roses or hydrangeas and the "Wow" effect will be lit immediately!
  • As calla lily blossoms have the shape of a trumpet a calla lily bouquet may as well symbolize giving good news or announcing something amazing.
  • Calla lilies bouquets are mostly preferred for wedding bouquets and arrangements forming both a unique and classy look.

Calla lilies are a classical choice for wedding arrangements – they are pure, graceful flowers that will upgrade any wedding. If you wish to have a perfect wedding then calla lilies must be your choice of flower arrangements!

If you want to use calla lilies as your wedding flowers here are a few things you need to know about them:

  • Calla lilies are malleable flowers that can be easily used in wedding centerpieces, on top of wedding cakes, in corsages, boutonnieres or the wonderful bridal bouquet.
  • You can use yellow, red, pure white, dark pink or pale, ruby calla lilies even black calla lilies in your wedding arrangements, you can mix them together or with other flowers. Calla lilies look great with roses, especially red; lilies, stargazer especially if pink or white, yellow with orange for autumn weddings plus all kinds of greenery; they will always look special and chic.
  • Calla lilies are an excellent choice throughout the year as they are perennial flowers – they will form an unforgettable bouquet no matter the season and they color in which they are used.
  • The calla lily bridal bouquet can be round shaped, posey or hand tied, always looking elegant and having that special look, imposing with greatness and delicacy at the same time.
  • Calla lilies are perfect for wedding arrangements not only because they are beautiful delicate flowers but also because they have the necessary length to create astonishing centerpieces.
  • Remember – calla lilies have that special look you wish for your wedding! Calla lilies can be used for indoor as well as outdoor weddings – they make great corsages for your bridesmaids and they stand up highly alongside any combination of flowers.

Calla lilies come in a wide variety of colors. Here are some calla lilies types:

  • White Calla Lily

    The white calla lily is ironically associated to both weddings and funerals. The trumpet-like shape of this white flower resembles the shape of a woman, standing as hallmark of birth and resurrections. These stunning white flowers convey a message of magnificent beauty.

  • Pink Calla Lily

    The pink calla lilies are a breathtaking choice for your big day. These pink flowers symbolizing the female body, come in different sizes and shades of pink to fulfill your every need, whether you want to use them in your bouquets or centerpieces.

  • Red Calla Lily

    Widely used in flower arrangements, this red flower comes in shades such as burgundy red, crimson, scarlet or ruby. The most famous varieties of red calla lilies, both natural and artificially obtained, are: "Red Sox", "Majestic Red" and "Red Alert".

  • Blue Calla Lily

    As expected, blue calla lilies do not grow naturally. However, these blue flowers can be obtained using blue dye. The most widely known blue calla lilies are: white blue callas, baby blue callas and ink blue callas.

  • Purple Calla Lily

    Purple calla lilies come in different varieties, the most popular shades being lavender, amethyst and bright purple.

  • Yellow Calla Lily

    Also called Queen Victoria Calla Lily, the yellow calla lily comes in radiant tones of bright yellow and gold. This yellow flower, as all calla lilies are, is a good choice both for weddings and funerals, since it symbolizes birth and resurrection at the same time.

  • Black Calla Lilies

    Carrying shades of black-burgundy, eggplant or dark maroon, black calla lilies are one of the "blackest" species of black flowers. Popular varieties of black calla lilies include: "Black Forrest", "Black Star", "Black Pearl" or "Naomi Campbell".

  • Brown Calla Lily

    Perfect for any occasion, suited to every recipient, the brown calla lily is an exotic, slightly masculine flower. A new trend in exotic weddings, these brown flowers come in shades of chocolate and dark maroon.