Gerbera Daisies - A Guide to Gerbera Daisy Flowers

"Whatever a man's age, he can reduce it several years by putting a bright-colored flower in his button-hole." -– Mark Twain
Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are the symbol of innocence, purity and cheerfulness. Discovered in 1884, in south Africa, the Gerbera Daisy is now the fifth most popular cut flower in the world. The gerbera daisy flower was named after the German doctor Traugott Gerber. Gerbera daisies are merry flowers, brightly colored fresh and posy. The gerbera daisy is a rich flower, that can easily be grown in your own garden. Gerbera daisies do well in sun and or partial shade and they are the happiest in a warm climate.

The Gerbera Daisy Flower

The Gerbera Daisy Flower was discovered in 1880 by the Scotsman Robert Jameson, while operating in a goldmine in Transvaal, South Africa. Such a charming cheerful flower, the Gerbera Daisy instantly captured the vast imagination of breeders and so they began to explore the gerbera daisy flower creating new form and colors.

The Gerbera Daisy legend says that this charming flower originated from a mythical nymph who transformed herself in this unassuming wildflower so that she would escape all the unwanted attention she was receiving. Thus, the Gerbera Daisy became a symbol of modesty and implicitly.

The Gerbera daisy was named, in 1743, in honor of the German botanist, Traugott Gerber and it is known as the African Daisy, Transvaal Daisy or Barberton Daisy. The Gerbera Daisy is also the birth flower of April and it is gracefully used in spring and summer wedding arrangements, it is loved by bees, butterflies and birds but resistant to deer.

Gerbera daisies bloom in almost every color there is so if you want a joyful garden, the gerbera daisy is a wonderful choice! In order to grow them naturally, here is what you have to do:

  • Soil: Gerbera daisies must be planted in a soil rich in humus, a peat based potting soil.
  • Planting: You must plant your gerbera daisies during late spring, apart from each other so that they can grow naturally – the can grow up to 1 feet tall and 2 feet wide.
  • Sun: Gerbera daisies enjoy the sun, so plant them in a place in your garden where they will get full exposure a few hours per day and then partial shade.
  • Fertilization: You need to fertilize the soil every other week with a proper flower fertilizer.
  • Water: You have to make sure that the gerbera daisies are watered in the morning. You must water them at the base, it must not reach the petals and they need to be kept moist while they are blooming.
  • Caring: In order to keep your gerbera daisy garden neat, you need to remove the flowers of the gerbera daisy when they begin to fade away, otherwise they will weaken the nutrients from the whole plant and it will cause its definite death.
  • Diseases: If your gerbera daisy garden is menaced by slugs, you need to spread snail bait around them. Gerbera daisies are awfully vulnerable to slugs so after spreading the snail bait, you need to check them for pests and remove them immediately.

Gerbera daisies come in a rainbow of colors heights and shapes. Thus you can combine the cheerful faces of gerbera daisies in all kinds of bouquets or arrangements. The thing with gerbera daisies is that they have an unfussy attitude which helps you to easily mix them with other flowers.

  • Gerbera daisies can be used alone in flower bouquets or arrangements looking lovely and natural or they can be mixed with others – tulips, carnations, dahlias, pansies, calla lilies along with greenery obtaining a delicate and bold look.
  • If you choose to mix gerbera daisies with roses then you will obtain a romantic look – you should create a nosegay, posy or circular bouquet.
  • Gerbera daisies are usually used for fun, electric sensations so you need to choose multi-colored gerbera daisies for such a festive bouquet.
  • Also, gerbera daisies are a wonderful choice for a wedding reception centerpiece as they will brighten up any room they are put in.
  • Such beautiful and versatile flowers, gerbera daisies can form modern and creative bouquets as well as traditional or elegant ones – as they are a playful bloom among other flowers.
  • Gerbera daisies are whimsical flowers that can also be dramatic if known how to be used, but mostly they represent innocence, purity, friendship and classic beauty.

Gerbera daisies are perfect for garden weddings - they are sweet and charming flowers that will bring glamour to any wedding. Gerbera daisies are simple, not very expensive flowers, which have a twist of modernity.

  • Gerbera daisies are easy to use in wedding arrangements because they stay fresh for a very long period of time, even if they are cut.
  • Gerbera daisies are available in a wide range of colors - thus they will always draw attention.
  • As Gerbera daisies symbolize innocence and purity, the bridal bouquet will be a blast if you combine these lavishing flowers with spring ones, gerbera daisies require a cheerful bride!
  • No matter which type of gerbera daisy you will use - germinis, gerrondo, standard, calendula or jumbo spider, they will definitely look marvelous in the hands of any bride.
  • Gerbera daisies look great in centerpieces as they can fill with their vibrant look every corner you need. If your wedding has a more traditional look, pick orange, red purple and blue gerbera daisies, if you opt for a fairytale wedding, than pick pale pink and white gerbera daisies and they will do the trick for you!
  • Remember gerbera daisies can be small, medium or large, so for boutonnieres use the small gerbera daisies for corsages as well, leaving the medium and large ones for all the other wedding arrangements.
  • If you choose not to combine your wedding gerbera daisies with other flowers, make sure you arrange them in a hand tied clutch bouquet - it will have the most romantic appeal ever.
  • If your wedding will be more classical, mix gerbera daisies with traditional flowers - pure white daisies, carnations or lovely tulips.
  • Gerbera daisy bridal bouquets can be the most beautiful and dramatic bouquets you have ever seen if you choose your colors wisely!

Gerbera daisies come in a wide variety of colors. Here are some gerbera daisies types:

  • White Gerbera Daisy

    The bigger sister of the white daisy, the white gerbera daisy belongs to a species of flowers which are said to be the fifth most popular cut flower in the world. These white flowers symbolize truth and innocence.

  • Pink Gerbera Daisy

    The pink gerbera daisy is a popular pink flower grace to its availability through the year. Among the various varieties of this pink flower, which range from bubblegum pink to fuchsia and dark pink, we mention only a few: "Merlot", "Napoleon", "Woman" and "Kimsey".

  • Red Gerbera Daisy

    Red gerbera daisies symbolize being unconscious in love. These red flowers with their velvety petals have the most perfect shape for a gerbera daisy flower.

  • Orange Gerbera Daisy

    While orange gerbera daisies preserve the meaning of daisies in general, innocence and purity, this hot orange flower color also suggests cheerfulness. The orange gerbera daisy is said to be one of the best flowers to apologize, the message it conveys being: "You are the sunshine of my life".