Hibiscus - A Guide to Hibiscus Flowers

"The hibiscus is a flower to please,
  Grown in a warm and temperate clime.
    Reds, blues and whites do tease,
        With glowing colours so sublime."-- Bernard Shaw

Hibiscus is a delicate flower originating from China. Having its petals similar to airy crepe paper, hibiscus is mushy and soft, its Greek name being, by all means – ebiskos – which means marshmallow in English. A fun fact about hibiscus is that Hawaii made it their state flower and ever since, travelers from all over the world are embraced with beautiful hibiscus garlands when stepping onto Hawaiian soil. You can easily find Hibiscus all over the world in tropical wedding arrangements or blooming in gardens. You will find red, yellow, orange, lavenders hibiscus, bluish shades or almost black.

The Hibiscus Flower

The national flower of South Korea, Malaysia and the state flower of Hawaii, the Hibiscus flower signifies peace and happiness.

The Hibiscus legend evokes the story of an immensely beautiful woman married to a blind man. The beautiful woman was kidnapped by a rich lord who fell instantly in love with her, but as the beautiful woman remained faithful to her husband, the rich lord executed her. The village people buried her next to the house where she used to live. Her blind husband never left her grave and months later, a beautiful sweet flower grew around the grave – the flower was a hibiscus flower.

The Hibiscus flower frequently appeared in depictions of the Hindu goddess Kali in the art of Bengal, India, presenting the goddess and the flower merging in form.

In the Islands of the Pacific Ocean the red hibiscus is often worn by women behind the ear – if the hibiscus flower is worn behind the left ear, this means that she is longing for a lover, if the hibiscus flower is worn behind the right ear – she already has one and if she is wearing two hibiscus flowers she already has a lover, but she would like a new one.

Few know the fact that the hibiscus flower is also called "The Shoe Flower" due to the fact that its petals are used to polish shoes.

If you want to make sure no one has a garden like yours, you can choose hibiscus to be your primary garden flower. Hibiscus flowers look best if grown apart, in bushes, near pool gardens and between palm trees or rain forest plants.

In order to make sure your garden will be filled with the beauty of the hibiscus flower, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Sun: Hibiscus flowers like to grow in sunny places, sheltered from winds. Make sure they get plenty of sun, otherwise excessive shade might reduce its flower production.
  • Soil: Hibiscus need a well-drained soil in which to grow – also it needs to be fertilized to adjust the ph – for this you can use chicken manure, bones or blood.
  • Planting: Hibiscus must be planted in either spring, summer or autumn; they grow in bushes so you need to select the strongest growth and tie it to a stick. Hibiscuses don't like to be shifted from the place in which they grow so you first need to pick the perfect place, and not change your mind!
  • Watering: Hibiscus flowers need to be well watered while growing.
  • Caring: Hibiscus attracts butterflies and humming birds so you might want to be careful not to damage it in any way. Also, to preserve the hibiscus flower you need to cover its edges during the freezing seasons.
  • Growth: To encourage hibiscus growth you must prune them – and the time to do this is when the shrub becomes larger.

Hibiscuses are vibrant, tropical flowers that will give a fancy look to any bouquet or arrangement. The state flower of Hawaii, hibiscus comes in shades of pink, lavender, white, yellow or red. Hibiscus flowers are used in exotic arrangements alongside other tropical flowers or alone, in different shades and sizes.

  • If you want to impress, then choose a hibiscus bouquet – it will definitely pop up in color.
  • Hibiscus is a wonderful choice also for a cheerful flower arrangement – with its vibrant hues hibiscus will form an eye catching arrangement.
  • You can use hibiscuses in a simple, monochromatic bouquet or you can mix them with lavender, pink birds of paradise, yellow hibiscus, coral heliconia and other tropical flowers.
  • Hibiscus symbolizes delicate beauty so this would be a wonderful choice for expressing one's feelings as well.
  • If you wish to send a message of gentleness then use white and dashing pink hibiscus in your flower bouquet – this will absolutely make the statement!
  • Also, a romantic hibiscus arrangement can be formed of dark red and hot pink hibiscus, orchids and lokelani roses.

If you are looking to add a tropical look to your wedding arrangements then the hibiscus flower is your answer! Hibiscus flowers are perfect for wedding arrangements - they are soft and gentle flowers which have a silky look and pure and innocent shades - pale pink, creamy whites, yellow, lavishing red.

  • Wedding hibiscus flowers are unique flowers that will be much appreciated as a stylish and sophisticated choice.
  • Hibiscus flowers can be used in boutonnieres, they can be included in corsages and the bride can even blend a wonderful hibiscus flower in her hairdo.
  • Hibiscus flowers may be wonderfully combined with other tropical flowers: orchids, birds of paradise or heliconia well.
  • The hibiscus flower can be used in beach weddings - there is nothing more romantic than hibiscus garlands in the light of the sun and the sea at dusk.
  • You must know, however that the hibiscus flower is available in different ranges - some are small, some are named "dwarf hybrids" so you must choose wisely.
  • For all the brides looking for the perfect wedding flower you must know that the Hibiscus flowers are considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers throughout the world.
  • Therefore, hibiscus wedding arrangements are one of the most astonishing arrangements the human eye has ever seen.
  • Also, hibiscus flowers can be used on top of wedding cakes as an arrangement or in plates, near the entrée so that your guests can place them behind their ears.
  • Wedding hibiscus looks well if placed in crystal bowls or crystal vases. Keep in mind that greenery will always do the magic trick and enrich your hibiscus wedding arrangements.

Hibiscus flowers come in a wide variety of colors. Here are some hibiscus types:

  • White Hibiscus

    The most popular white hibiscus species are Hibiscus Waimeae native to Hawaii and the Luna White Hibiscus which makes a great perennial in your garden. These white flowers are used for concoctions in the traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda.

  • Pink Hibiscus

    The tropical pink hibiscus is an emblem of the state of Hawaii and the ideal pink flower for a tropical wedding. These pink flowers come in a great variety of sizes, from dwarf to 6m hibiscus and species, such as the "Lady Baltimore", which is in great demand, and the "Confederate Rose".

  • Red Hibiscus

    The red hibiscus is a flower most popular in the islands of the Pacific Ocean. These red flowers are worn by young women behind their ear in order to express that they want a lover (behind left ear) or they are already promised (behind right ear).

  • Blue Hibiscus

    Traditionally, this blue flower is neither a true hibiscus species, nor a truly blue flower, its color being closer to lavender. However, certain species of blue hibiscus have been obtained by hybridization, the most popular being the Electric Blue Hibiscus.

  • Purple Hibiscus

    Ranging in color from lilac to violet and plum, the purple hibiscus with its large bright flowers is a perfect choice to lighten up your garden and home. This purple flower is considered one of the best looking type of hibiscus.

  • Yellow Hibiscus

    This bright yellow flower is most commonly known as the official flower of the state of Hawaii, thus the alternative name: Hawaiian Hibiscus. The Yellow Hibiscus is a popular choice for Hawaii wedding bouquets and decorations.