Green Orchid - A Guide to Green Orchids

Green Orchid

Green orchids are harmonious flowers and they lighten up any bouquet with their color of nature. Green orchids are often used instead of greenery in bouquets and floral arrangements, as they are a more glamorous looking support for other colorful flowers. They are happy flowers that symbolize rejuvenation, that symbolize life.

Green Orchid Description

  • Family: Orchidaceae
  • Origin: Green orchids date from ancient Greek times. The word, “orchid” is a derivate of the Greek “orchis”, which mean testicle. This is due to the features seen on the tuber of the green orchid.
  • Sun exposure: Depending on the species, from full sun to low light.
  • Height: Green orchids grow up to 23 inches tall.
  • Soil: Green orchid soil should be humus rich and slightly acidic.
  • Leaves: Delicate velvet leaves, bright green in color, healthy looking.
  • Blooming time: Green orchids bloom from June to late August.
  • Maintenance: Green orchids should be kept in moderate temperatures as long as they are growing, not too cold, not too hot. Also, they should be hand pruned from time to time for a healthier re-blooming.
  • Propagation method: Green orchids may be propagated using six methods: through division, by keiki, areal cuttings, meristem or tissue culture, which is a scientific method of propagating green orchids, and last but not least, green orchids may be propagated through seeds.

Green Orchid Species

There are two main types of green orchids: terrestrial (which grow on the ground) and epiphytes (which grow on trees). Along these, there are several thousands more hybridized green orchids, like the Platanthera Hyperborean, the Lake Huron Green Orchid, Cymbidium Sweet Dreams, Cymbidium Loch Lomond, Paphiopedilum Glaucophyllum (endangered species), Paphiopedilum Maudiae, Aeranthes Grandiose or the Phalaenopsis Yellow Treasure and Jade Slipper Orchid or Paphiopedilum Malipoense.

Green Orchid Meaning

The green orchid is a symbol of life, of rejuvenation, freedom and harmony. It is a symbol of health and prosperity. Green orchids are flowers of vitality; they bring joy and strength into our life.

Green Orchids Arrangements

Green orchid arrangements are exceptional as wedding decorations. Any arrangement containing green orchids will look luxurious and fanciful. Aside from the fact that green orchid arrangements are long lasting, they will create the greatest romantic and stylish wedding atmosphere!

If sent as a gift, green orchid arrangements go nicely with purple or white flowers. Yellow is also nice, but then the green orchids will not stand out in the floral arrangement. Also, they can be mixed with pink shades of pink orchids, Stargazer lilies and pink roses.

Green Orchid Bouquets

Green orchid bouquets are a note of pure elegance. Round green orchid bouquets are most used for brides. Assorted with pink kimies, deep pink mini calla lilies, ruffle tulips and pink cymbidium orchids, the green orchids will look astonishing in a bride’s fragile hand. Also, for an outstanding spring bridal bouquet, mix green orchids with yellow and white orchids, small green dendrobium orchids, bear grass, babies breath and wrap them up with a hot pink or pure white ribbon.

For a fresh looking green orchid bouquet, try green hydrangeas, green cymbidium orchids, pale pink and deep pink roses, miniature limes, fern, seeded eucalyptus and horse tail and you will have the bridal bouquet of your dreams!

Green Orchids in Gardens

Green orchids may grow wonderfully in your very own garden. You just have to please them constantly – plant them in a place where the sun is shining all day long. Water them constantly and make sure the plant receives plenty of fresh air.

To create a contrast in your now exotic garden, plant the green orchid bulbs near red roses or even pink. They will color your garden in an instant, especially if you have some orange and yellow calla lilies nearby.


In order to preserve fresh cut green orchids for a long period of time, trim the stems at the bottom of the flowers and put them directly in fresh clean water. Keep them in cool places and away from direct sun exposure, otherwise they might die. From time to time, sprinkle the blooms with fresh water, this will give them a glowing look.

Green orchids are a special type of orchids. Some of them are even protected species, quite cherished. Now the thing about green orchids is that they can be used in countless combinations. They match almost every color, due to their natural shades of lime to bright green. They are the exotic flower you were missing from your garden flower collection, so get it now and praise it how you know best!