Peach Rose - A Guide to Peach Roses

Peach Rose

Peach roses are different from any kind of roses. They are special in color and they know it, that is why they are so majestic looking. Peach roses are the flowers of friends, through them people express their wonderful feelings of appreciation and admiration.

Peach Rose Description

  • Family: Rosaceae
  • Origin: Peach roses are hybridized species which appeared at the end of the 19th century, in the northern hemisphere.
  • Sun exposure: Peach roses require full sun for a proper growth. Morning sun is preferred.
  • Height: Peach roses grow up to 4 feet tall.
  • Soil: Peach roses soil should be very well-drained, loamy, filled with organic matter and rich in phosphate.
  • Leaves: Peach roses’ leaves are oval with serrated margins. They are evergreen leaves.
  • Blooming time: Peach roses most likely bloom three times in June.
  • Maintenance: Peach roses should be watered abundantly, they like water, but try to avoid getting the leaves and the blooms wet, as it will do no good to them. Prune tour peach roses in late spring and get rid of any dying foliage or deadheads that might prevent their new bloom.
  • Propagation method: Peach roses may be propagated from seeds, from stem cuttings, by division, layering, budding, grafting, hybridizing, micro-propagation or planting bare root peach roses.

Peach Rose Species

There are tons of sorts of roses out there, in your garden, in the wild, for you to enjoy and cherish. Here are some of the most beautiful peach rose species: Summer Dream, Apricot Nectar, Clodagh McGredy, Marilyn Monroe, La Canadienne, Clodagh McGredy, Nobilo's Chardonnay, Sweet Dream, Norwich Castle, Crepuscle, Fragrant apricot, Cressida, Abraham Darby, Jude the Obscure, Perle d'Or, Ambridge Rose, Leander, Sweet Juliet, Teasing Georgia, Vanilla Perfume, Chanelle, Crystal Palace, Lucille Ball, Diamond Jubilee, Maigold, Glowing Peace, Butterscotch, Apollo Tribute, Eureka, William Allen Richardson, Reve d'Or, Jaquenetta, Sultry, Matawhero Magic , Oranges'n'Lemons, Lady Hillingdon and so many more.

Peach Rose Meaning

Peach roses are a symbol of sociability. They stand for feelings of true friendship, desire, admiration and appreciation. Peach roses are simple flowers that symbolize gratitude and sympathy, they have a very special meaning to friends, as peach roses are a true way of expressing the love of a friend.

Peach Roses Arrangements

Peach roses give a very personal touch to any arrangement. Peach roses arrangements are perfect in floral baskets, alongside yellow roses, for example or other yellow, white or deep orange flowers.

Peach roses arrangements may be used for sympathy as well, as they spread a unique kind of warmth and caring feeling of love. They may be used simple, or they may be combined with white, pure calla lilies to express an even more deep feeling of sorrow and sympathy.

Peach rose arrangements are quite popular even for weddings. They are lovely flowers and they will give your wedding a classy touch. The corsages and boutonnieres will look very elegant and the table centerpieces with peach roses, maybe combined with white daisies or white lilies will have a glamorous look.

Peach Rose Bouquets

Posey peach rose bouquets are lovely – they are classy, they are chic. Peach roses bouquets are an expression of desire and friendship. Peach roses are a perfect way to say Happy Birthday or to say Thank You to someone who has helped you in life.

Peach rose bouquets are wonderful whether round, posey, nosegay, or hand-tied. Peach rose bouquets are unique and breathtakingly beautiful mostly due to their wonderful bloom color.

Peach roses may be mixed with white freesia, yellow roses, deep pink carnations, white lilies and many more and still stand out in any type of bouquet!

Peach Roses in Gardens

Peach roses must be planted 3 inch deep in the ground and 18 to 30 inches apart from one another so that they can breathe easily and not be overcrowded.

Peach rose bushes can be placed near white, rich flowerbeds or near a pink orchid tree. Anyhow, peach roses will bless any garden with their astonishing and out of the ordinary beauty.


Cut peach roses must be kept in cool places, preferably dark after cutting. Their water should be changed daily and their underwater foliage removed.

Any dirt should be removed from the stem or the vase as these could cause bacteria appearance and thus, damage the flowers. Re-cut their stems if they seem like dying out and place them in warm water for a couple of hours and you will have your peach roses freshly looking even for two weeks!

Peach roses are the nicest way of saying Thank You to a friend. They have a very personal touch that brings you closer together with you friends, they are simple, yet elegant, easy, but deep in meaning!