Tiger Lily - A Guide to Tiger Lilies

Tiger Lily

Tiger lilies are popular garden flowers. They are very easy to maintain and care for, requiring less attention than all other lily species, as they are wild flowers. They are also known as leopard lilies or Lilium Catesbaei. They are a deep shade of orange, with black spots on the blooms.

An exotic flower that will enrich your garden or your wedding gown, the tiger lily is a one of a kind beauty.

Tiger Lily Description

  • Family: Liliaceae
  • Origin: The tiger lily is known to be native to the western North American territory. It is a wild flower, growing on the sides of the roads. Also known as the “ditch lily”, the Swedish botanist Carl von Linne first described the tiger lily in 1753.
  • Sun exposure: Tiger lilies need full sun exposure for a proper growth.
  • Height: Tiger lilies grow from 6 to 8 feet tall.
  • Soil: Tiger lilies’ soil should be moist, organic and acidic.
  • Leaves: Tiger lily leaves are narrow, about two inches long.
  • Blooming time: Tiger lilies bloom from early summer to early fall.
  • Maintenance: Tiger lilies should not be fertilized. They should be kept in areas with full sun, as this will help their color brighten up. Use insecticide or pesticide whenever is needed to protect them.
  • Propagation method: Tiger lilies may be propagated through bulb division, stem bulblets, stem bulbils, scales, by tissue culture and through seeds.

Tiger Lily Species

There are about 80 lily species out there, and they can be categorized by color, bloom, scent and size. Therefore, we gave longiflorums, oriental, Asiatic and Asiatic longiflorum, from which tiger lilies are the following few: Lilium tigrinum, Lilium pardalium, Lilium philadelphicum and Lilium Columbianum.

Tiger Lily Meaning

Tiger lilies symbolize wealth, pride and prosperity. They are colorful flowers that spread the symbol of wealth all around them. Their prosperity stands in their colorful, spotted blooms. Tiger lilies are also know as the “panthers of the meadow”, suggesting their pride, as panthers and tigers are very proud animals.

Tiger Lilies Arrangements

Tiger lilies arrangements are stunning. They are used in weddings as centerpieces or as cake decorations, as boutonnieres and as corsages.

Tiger lilies arrangements go very well with yellow flowers, such as yellow iris, freesia, lilies. They are quite a perfect combination. Tiger lilies arrangements may be used in Halloween decorations too, as they have this unique, spotted look that is needed for an unconventional Halloween arrangement. In this case, tiger lilies may be mixed with black lilies or black tulips.

Tiger Lily Bouquets

Tiger lilies bouquets give a radiant look. They may be wonderfully mixed with white or yellow flowers. Tiger lily bouquets can be round-shaped, cascade, or hand-tied. Either way, they are magnificent.

Tiger lilies bouquets may be combined with freesia, iris, mini carnations, other types of lilies, but plain in color, with no other spots.

Tiger Lilies in Gardens

Tiger lilies should be planted in a place where there is full sun and that has a good irrigation. Unlike the other lilies, tiger lilies should be planted near each other. This is not an inconvenience at all for them, as when they will grow, the result shall be a beautiful orange spotted flowerbed, so the nearer you plant them, the richer your flowerbed will be!


Tiger lilies are not as pretentious as the other lilies. Still, make sure you keep them in a clean vase that has plenty of water. Remove their pollen, as not to get dirty when approaching them, and cut their stems from the bottom with a silvery sharp knife so that they can receive as much water as they need. Also, although they are a wild species, they are still poisonous for your cats, so keep them away from tiger lilies!

The tiger lily is a flower for anyone. You can pick it up from the side of the road you are traveling on or you can pick it from your personal garden. You can use it as a Halloween decoration, you can give a tiger lily bouquet to your special aunt on her birthday or you can use it in your wedding decorations!