Pink Hibiscus - A Guide to Pink Hibiscus

Pink Hibiscus

Pink hibiscus is a tropical flower. A rare beauty that enriches the wild. The pink hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii, so it has a deep meaning for Hawaii’s inhabitants. The pink hibiscus is divine and it can be found in various shapes and scents for you to enjoy!

Pink Hibiscus Description

  • Family: Malvaceae
  • Origin: The exact origin of the pink hibiscus is unknown. However, the plant is supposed to have a historical background in South China, so the pink hibiscus has an Asian origin. Some are considered to be native to Hawaii, but the name still comes from the Greek “hibiscus”, which means mallow and the Latin “rosa-sinesis” means rose of China.
  • Sun exposure: Pink hibiscus need direct sun exposure to fully develop.
  • Height: Pink hibiscus grow from 10 to 12 inches high.
  • Soil: Pink hibiscus soil must be acidic, loamy but not too heavy.
  • Leaves: Pink hibiscus’ leaves are simple, arranged in spiral, about 10 cm long and ovate in shape. In color, they are evergreen.
  • Blooming time: Pink hibiscus bloom in late June or early August.
  • Maintenance: The pink hibiscus is a tropical plant, so keep that in mind when planting. They love the sun. Also, fertilization is very important, so do that, but without exaggeration as then you might prevent the pink hibiscus from flowering.
  • Propagation method: Pink hibiscus may be propagated by seeds, through cuttings, grafting, air-layering and tissue culture.

Pink Hibiscus Species

All in all, there are about two hundred hibiscus species out there. Pink hibiscus can be found as "Lady Baltimore" varieties, Anisodontea scabrosa, Hibiscus syriacusa, Hibiscus moscheutos or Hibiscus mutabilis (Confederate rose).

Pink Hibiscus Meaning

Pink hibiscuses are a symbol for delicate beauty. So, if you were wondering how to declare yourself to the girl you like, just send her some pink hibiscus and mention what they stand for, in case she doesn’t know, and you will surely sweep her off her feet.

The pink hibiscus may also stand for rare beauty. It is a flower inspired by love, so keep this in mind when you want to get your girlfriend something other than red or pink roses.

Pink Hibiscus Arrangements

Pink hibiscuses are used in exotic arrangements, mostly. Pink hibiscus arrangements are used for ceremonies, even weddings, baptisms, Mother’s Day. Pink hibiscus arrangements may be used even in corsages or as boutonnieres in tropical weddings. Pink hibiscus may be mixed with callas or bird of paradise.

As for color suggestions, you can mix pink hibiscus with white callas or yellow, purple, red or perhaps blue flowers.

Also, try mixing pink hibiscus with anthuriums, or just leave them plain, in a potted pink hibiscus arrangement, and you will get a wonderful result.

Pink Hibiscus Bouquets

If you plan a very exotic and tropical wedding for you and your husband, a pink hibiscus bouquet should be your first choice. Round pink hibiscus bouquets are lovely! And if they are mixed with white or yellow, orange or purple, you will surely make a sensation!

Now for combinations, mix your pink hibiscus with white magnolias and wrap them in silk ribbons for a cascade shaped pink hibiscus bouquet. For round bouquets, keep pink hibiscus plain, don’t mix them with anything, except for their green abundant foliage that will make them richly looking and fresh.

Pink Hibiscus in Gardens

Whenever planting your pink hibiscus, you must keep in mind that these are tropical flowers that require light and warmth. So place them either facing South or West. Also, fertilization is a very important thing in growing pink hibiscus, as between March and October, when they develop, they need rich food, with almost every watering. In this way, you will be growing wonderful pink hibiscus.

For a tropical effect, place your pink hibiscus near orchids or magnolias. White, yellow or orange, you will create not only a tropical corner in your garden, but also a little paradise!


Keep cut pink hibiscus away from heat, otherwise they will slouch. Remove any foliage that might be underwater, in this way you shall avoid bacteria from forming. Keep pink hibiscus in cool places and feed them a little sugar cube from time to time if you see them dying out. Replace their water daily and you will enjoy their exotic beauty for almost two weeks.

The pink hibiscus is a very beautiful flower. It can be used for various occasions and although very delicate, you can grow it with absolutely no problem in your own garden!