Pink Hydrangea - A Guide to Pink Hydrangeas

Pink Hydrangea

Pink hydrangeas are just lovable! Fresh and chic, they inspire beauty and tenderness. With their blooms so rich and healthy, they are just the thing you need for you wedding decorations! Elegant and out of the ordinary, if you choose pink hydrangeas for your special day, it will definitely not be forgotten!

Pink Hydrangea Description

  • Family: Hydrangeaceae
  • Origin: The pink hydrangea has its origins in South Eastern Asia, but you can also find it in North and Southern America. Its name, “hydrangea” is a derivative from the Greek hydra, which means water and angeion, which means jug, referring to the shape of the head of the flower.
  • Sun exposure: Pink hydrangeas should enjoy full sun in the morning and partial shade in the afternoon.
  • Height: Pink hydrangeas grow from 3 to 4 feet.
  • Soil: Pink hydrangeas' soil should be well-drained, very rich and loamy, mildly acidic. Now what you should know about pink hydrangeas' soil is that, if you remove the aluminum from the soil, you may transform your hydrangea plant into a pink colored one and this is due to the alteration of the pH of the soil.
  • Leaves: Pink hydrangeas have coarse green foliage.
  • Blooming time: Pink hydrangeas blooming period can be either in summer or in the fall.
  • Maintenance: Maintain your pink hydrangeas healthy by keeping a layer of mulch around the base of the stem. In order to feed them properly, add fertilizer to the soil in which they grow, late winter or early spring.
  • Propagation method: Pink hydrangeas can be propagated through rooting and ground layering or from stem cuttings.

Pink Hydrangea Species

There are four types of hydrangeas: Hydrangea macrophylla, Hydrangea arborescens, Hydrangea quercifolia, and Hydrangea paniculata. Pink hydrangeas can be found in species like: Pink Shira, Sadie Ray, Endless Summer, Forever and Ever Pink Hydrangea or Pinky Winky.

Pink Hydrangea Meaning

The pink hydrangea represents the “giver’s gratefulness for the recipient’s understanding”. It is a symbol of delicate beauty and it suggests anything that is sincere. The pink hydrangea is a rare beauty that should be recognized as such and be used for its specific and great meaning of grace and acceptance.

Pink Hydrangeas Arrangements

Pink hydrangeas arrangements are very chic, elegant and tasteful. There are various arrangements of such kind which include pink hydrangeas and most of them are used either in wedding ceremonies, as it is such a rich and full of hope flower, or in baptism ceremonies, for church decorations.

Pink hydrangeas arrangements may be mixed in baskets, for example with red, pink and burgundy flowers such as roses, Asiatic lilies, carnations and Sweet William, plus a little greenery on the side.

For centerpieces, try combining shades of yellow, lavender, pale orange and creamy shades, or go with hotter shades like magenta, deep purple or blue. Mix pink roses with pink hydrangea, blue statice and pink carnations in your pink hydrangea arrangements.

Pink Hydrangea Bouquets

Pink hydrangea bouquets are lovely. They are so fresh and elegant, perfect for any bride. The delicacy that they inspire is unique and breathtaking.

Round pink hydrangea bouquets fit best this kind of flower. The snowball shape help the bouquet become richer and, thus, more vibrant. For combination ideas for pink hydrangea bouquets, try mixing pink hydrangeas with roses, dahlias in shades of pink and lavender, or mix pink hydrangea with fresh flowers such as Cymbidium orchids, roses, button spray chrysanthemums and waxflower in shades of white, light pink and green and your bouquet will look stunning.

Pink Hydrangeas in Gardens

Pink hydrangeas like partial shade, so choose a spot carefully in your garden, so that they can enjoy the kind of life they need. Remember that they can grow up to 4 feet and they are shaped in bushes, so place them either near other bush-like plants, such as roses, or near exotic flowers like orchids.

Pink hydrangeas will bring a fresh look to your garden, so make sure they are grown properly: water them, prune them and feed them correctly.

If you want to obtain a pink hydrangea and you only have blue ones in your garden, here is what you have to do: just subtract the aluminum from the soil, or take the hydrangea away from the area and put it in a plant vase. Also, use fertilizers that have a high level of phosphorus, this will help changing the color to pink, as well, as phosphorus reduces the aluminum from entering the hydrangea’s system.


Cut pink hydrangeas may last up to three weeks in a vase if they are cared for correctly. So, keep in mind that pink hydrangeas love water: make sure that vase has plenty and never evaporates. Remove any foliage that might be underwater, so that you prevent any bacteria from damaging the pink hydrangea. Snip their stems for a better hydration and keep them at about 8 degrees Celsius.

Pink hydrangeas are breathtaking flowers and they are not only pretty, but they also know what “to do” on various occasions: in weddings they are graceful and chic, in baptisms, they inspire innocence and youth, in black tie events they are elegant and stylish. No matter which way you use them, they always stand out!