Pink Lily - A Guide to Pink Lilies

Pink Lily

Pink lilies are wonderful flowers. They are rich and prosperous. The most known pink lily in the world is the Stargazer lily – as it can express every feeling you can think of – from joy to appreciation and sympathy. Pink, and thus, Stargazer lilies are dramatic, delicate flowers that say very much, without saying a single word!

Pink Lily Description

  • Family: Liliaceae
  • Origin: The origin of the pink lily is not very exact. They have been traced in various parts of the world for over 3000 years, from the times of the nomads and gatherers. However, the botanical name of the lily has Latin origin – Lilium – this in its turn it is derived from the Greek Leirion - which is considered to be associated with the Madonna lily and it can be translated by using the word “flower”.
  • Sun exposure: Pink lilies need full sun exposure for a proper growth.
  • Height: Pink lilies grow from 6 to 8 feet tall.
  • Soil: Pink lilies’ soil should be moist, well-drained and organic.
  • Leaves: Pink lily leaves are long, pointy and linear. In color they are green.
  • Blooming time: Pink lilies bloom from early summer to early fall, basically from June to August.
  • Maintenance: Pink lilies must be planted 6 inches apart from one another. They should be cared for properly, as they are not so picky flowers, nor hard to be maintained. Full sun and a well drained soil is all they need!
  • Propagation method: Pink lilies may be propagated through bulb division, stem bulblets, stem bulbils, scales, by tissue culture and through seeds.

Pink Lily Species

There are about 80 lily species out there, and they can be categorized by color, bloom, scent and size. Therefore, we gave longiflorums, oriental, Asiatic and Asiatic longiflorum, from which pink lilies are the following few: Tiger Lily ‘Tiger Rose’, Oriental Lily ‘Hot Lips’, Oriental Lily ‘Le Reve’, Hybrid Oriental Lily ‘Majave’, Asiatic Lily ‘Cote d’Azur’, Asiatic Lily ‘Rosella’s Dream’, Asiatic Lily ‘Lollipop’, Tango Lily ‘Dot Com’, Double Asiatic Lily ‘Elodie’ and last but not least, the Stargazer lilies.

Pink Lily Meaning

Pink lilies stand for wealth and prosperity, but are seen as a symbol of youth and acceptance, as well. Also, their appearance may lead our thoughts to feelings of hope and aspirations.

Stargazer lilies have a meaning of their own – white are considered a symbol of purity and are used in paying respects and pink as I mentioned before, aspiration, wealth and prosperity.

Pink Lilies Arrangements

Stargazer lily arrangements are one of the most popular arrangements throughout the world. They are perfect for any occasion, whether you want to say Happy Birthday or Congratulations!

Stargazer lily arrangements in baskets are perfect even for funeral services. However, it is preferable not to mix them with any other flowers on such occasion.

Regardless of this, pink lilies arrangements may be mixed with white or pink calla lilies when creating table centerpieces, or with white mini carnations. They shall look astounding!

Pink Lily Bouquets

A Stargazer lily bouquet is what any bride needs! They are fresh looking, beautiful and they roll wonderful in bouquets shaped as cascade or hand-tied!

Stargazer lilies arrangements may be mixed with purple lilies or white calla lilies for a perfectly round and rich bouquet. Pink lilies arrangements can also be seen alongside white or pink roses and white freesia.

Pink Lilies in Gardens

Choose a place in your garden where the stargazer lilies will have full sun on the blooms and partial shade on the stems. Remember to keep the soil moist in the growing period and plant the bulbs immediately after buying them, as they will dry out for sure.

Stargazer lily flowerbeds look great as backdrops for smaller flowers such as white or pink carnations or daisies, so try to position them likewise.


Stargazer lilies need a cool environment in order to survive. Remember to cut off the pollen immediately after placing in vase and if you see them dying out, place them in a dark place and add a little sugar to their water. Also, for a more intense irrigation of the stems, cut them every 2 days from the bottom with a silvery sharp knife.

Stargazer lilies have a dazzling appearance, a delightful scent and they make quite an impression at all times! They are very popular and highly used by everyone due to their outstanding beauty and dramatic boldness.