Pink Rose - A Guide to Pink Roses

Pink Rose

Pink roses are like pink diamonds. Classy, chic, sparkly, breathtakingly beautiful! Pink roses are one of the longest existing types of roses. They have been seen in famous paintings, and spread their scent throughout the world.

Pink roses are sweet and graceful – they are what you can call “a wonder of the world”. Unique and special, pink roses are magical!

Pink Rose Description

  • Family: Rosaceae
  • Origin: Pink roses date back in pre-historical times, about 32 millions of years ago, when they were known to grow mostly in the Northern Hemisphere. However, some of the first appearances of the pink roses were on the hills of the Greek island, Crete. Drawings of pink roses were discovered in the Egyptian tombs, and they were seen in Monastery gardens in the Middle Ages, but by the time the Roman Empire was formed, pink roses could be found all across Europe.
  • Sun exposure: Pink roses require about 6-8 hours of full sun, everyday.
  • Height: Pink roses grow up to 4 feet tall.
  • Soil: Pink rose’s soil should be drained very well, rich in organic material and loose.
  • Leaves: Pink rose leaves are oval, pinnate leaves. They are evergreen and they have serrated margins.
  • Blooming time: Pink roses have bloom three times in June.
  • Maintenance: Keep pink roses freshly looking in your garden. Do not water them often, but when you do, make sure they get plenty, as they are really thirsty plants. Water them at the base, avoiding the leaves getting wet.
  • Propagation method: Pink roses may be propagated from seeds, from stem cuttings, by division, layering, budding, grafting, hybridizing, micro-propagation or planting bare root pink roses.

Pink Rose Species

There are tons of sorts of roses out there, in your garden, in the wild, for you to enjoy and cherish. Here are some of the most beautiful pink rose species: Abraham Darby, Auguste Renoir, Betty Prior, Artistry, Baby Blanket, Bill Warriner, Albertine, Bantry Bay, Blessings, Aloha, Autumn Damask, Bloomfield Abundance, Ballerina, Bonica, Belami, Bon Silene, Applejack, Belle Isis, Bouquet Parfait, Applause, Bourbon Queen, Bow Bells, Brandenburg, Bridal Pink, Brilliant Pink Iceberg, Brilliant Pink Iceberg, Captain Hayward, Carefree Wonderbush, Cecile Brunner, Celestial, Chanelle, Charlotte Armstrong, Cherish, Chicago Peace , City of London, Classic Sunblaze, Clair Matin, Cliche, Chloris, Coleraine, Colette, Color Magic, Compassion, Comtesse du Cayla, Comtesse de Segur, Constance Spry, Coppelia, Cornelia, Cottage Rose, Cotillion, Crowd Pleaser, Dainty Bess, Dame Cath, Dear One, De la Grifferaie , Diadem, Dorothy Perkins, Dream Weaver, Duchesse de Brabant, Escapade Rose, Eglantyne, Elmshorn, Fantin Latour, Félicité Parmentier, Fellenburg, Fritz Nobis, Frau Dagmar Hastrup, Gene Boerner, General Schabilkine, Pink Gruss an Aachen, Harry Wheatcroft, Iced Ginger, Ispahan, Jeanne Lajoie, Kathryn Morley, La Ville de Bruxelles, Lucetta, Stanwell Perpetual, American Beauty, Sonia and many, many more.

Pink Rose Meaning

Pink roses are widely known to represent love, gratitude and appreciation. They are gentle flowers that are a symbol of gentleness, admiration and romance.

Pink roses are sweet flowers that make you smile instantly. A symbol of refinement and beauty, the pink rose is the purest flower.

Pink Roses Arrangements

Pink roses arrangements are perfect for weddings, Sweet Sixteen’s, Proms. Pink rose arrangements are divine, they are just the thing for any occasion. They are very elegant as corsages or boutonnieres for the groom and the bestmen, they are lavishing set as table centerpieces.

Pale pink rose arrangements are very appropriate for paying you sympathies to a departed one, as they represent gentleness and admiration.

Pink roses may be assorted very nicely with shades of purple, peach, lavender, deep pink, white or blue. Freesia, orchids, carnations, tulips, snapdragons may be combined divinely in pink roses arrangements.

Pink Rose Bouquets

Posey pink rose bouquets are delightful. Wrapped in silk pale pink or white ribbons, they are glamorous and chic. Shades of pale pink may be assorted with deeper shades of pink for an out of the ordinary contrast.

Round pink rose bouquets are very rich and have a royal touch – thus they can be used as bridal bouquets. They are very delicate in shape and color so, you cannot go wrong with a pink rose bouquet.

Pink Roses in Gardens

Plant your pink rose bush in a place that has access to full sun. Do not overcrowd them as they will then grow very tall and have only a few blooms.

Fertilize your pink roses. Give them plenty of phosphates during the year, but stop in early fall, before the first frost, as you don’t want them to grow bigger and better and then “catch the first cold”.

You may want to place your pink rose bushes near pink or red ones or near an orchid tree, the effect will be breathtaking, for sure!


Cut pink roses should be kept in cool places. If you keep them in dark place for an hour after receiving or cutting them, it is even better.

Cut pink roses should be kept away from heat, in plenty of water and in a clean vase. Moreover, for their natural look to last even longer, change their vase water daily and make sure it is not salty, as this could damage their health. Also, remove any foliage below water and do not splash the blooms, no matter what.

Pink roses are celestial flowers! When using them, whether it is in bouquets or arrangements, you can always express feelings of love, gratitude and appreciation. They are a great gift for your mother on Mother’s day and a great decoration for you daughter’s birthday. Also keep in mind that pink roses are a symbol of saying “Thank You”, so next time you want to say that, you know what to do!