Purple Calla Lily - A Guide to Purple Calla Lilies

Purple Calla Lily

The purple calla lily is a royal flower. A flower of and for kings and queens. Purple calla lilies have a majestic stature, they are tall, and spectacular. They are the best for bridal bouquets as any bride would want her wedding to be royal – thus, purple or lavender calla lilies are a way to do that!

Purple Calla Lily Description

  • Family: Araceae
  • Origin: Purple calla lilies are native to the South African continent. The word “calla” means beautiful in Greek but the purple calla lilies have a misinformative name as they are neither a calla, nor a lily since they do not belong to the Lilies family.
  • Sun exposure: Purple calla lilies need full sun for a proper development.
  • Height: Purple calla lilies are 18 to 40 inches tall.
  • Soil: Purple calla lilies need a moist soil, very-well drained and rich.
  • Leaves: Purple calla lily leaves are long arrow, knife or heart shaped, dark green in color. They also have a waxy texture.
  • Blooming time: Purple calla lilies bloom in early spring.
  • Maintenance: Fertilize purple calla lily tubers when you plant them. They need lots of flower food, especially if you use last year’s tubers.
  • Propagation method: Purple calla lilies can be propagated through seeds, by division in early spring and by basil cuttings in the summer.

Purple Calla Lily Species

Amethyst, Anneke, Captain Chelsea, Captain Reno, Cream Lavender, Cream Lavender, Domenique, Lavender Gem, Midnight Eclipse, Picasso, Purple Splendor, Purple Haze, Rose Red Shades are some of the purple calla lily species that can be found in natural gardens.

Purple Calla Lily Meaning

Purple calla lilies are royal flowers. They symbolize sophistication and charm. They spread honor with their trumpet shaped blooms and they make you think about passion when seen in darker shades of purple. Lavender calla lilies symbolize purity and uniqueness, while the deeper purple calla lilies stand for power.

Purple Calla Lilies Arrangements

Purple calla lilies arrangements are very elegant for weddings. They are sophisticated flowers and more than this, they have the royal significance on their side, so which bride wouldn’t want to have that in her wedding?!

Purple calla lily arrangements may be mixed with yellow freesia, white roses, pale mini pink calla lilies. The centerpieces filled with greenery and perhaps some pearly drops on the blooms will do the trick for sure.

As boutonnieres and corsages, purple calla lily arrangements look exquisite on any white shirt or delicate wrist. Add a few shiny white pearls to them and you will have the most beautiful wedding arrangements ever!

Purple Calla Lily Bouquets

Purple calla lily bouquets are one of a kind. Posey look sweet and elegant, round look imposing, pageant look fanciful, cascade look royal. So, pick your choice and when doing this, remember that purple calla lilies bouquets look great mixed with white or yellow flowers.

Freesias are perfect in combination with purple calla lilies, but you may want to try a more modern look for your purple calla lily bouquet. For this, mix the purple calla lilies with brownish-orange autumn leaves and you will get a unique bouquet for a unique occasion!

Pink Calla Lilies in Gardens

Purple calla lilies need full sun to develop accurately, so place them in a sunny spot but with partial shading as once they have grown they need a little shade so that they can bloom properly.

Purple calla lilies grow quite tall so have this in mind when planting them. Place them about 12 inches apart and away from other flowerbeds that might disturb their growing.


Place cut purple calla lilies in cool places, away from refrigerators or TV sets. Also, keep them away from direct sunlight and make sure the water in the vase is warm. When they are dying out, cut their stems under running water to revitalize their blooms.

Make sure you keep purple lilies away from children and pets as they are very poisonous and can cause fatalities.

Purple calla lilies are stylish flowers. Used in weddings, they make quite the impression. With their velvety blooms and waxy leaves they leave the impression of a drawn flower, but no, the purple calla lily is real and its purpose is for you to admire in its splendor shape and shade!