Purple Hibiscus - A Guide to Purple Hibiscus

Purple Hibiscus

The purple hibiscus is an exotic, tropical and, in the meantime, a royal flower. The Queen of the Tropics, that is how it is called. And although its bloom lasts only one day when in the ground, it is enough for you to admire and respect!

Purple Hibiscus Description

  • Family: Malvaceae
  • Origin: The origin of the purple hibiscus lies in Southern Asia. There, it has been cultivated for centuries, but its exact nativity is still unknown. Its Latin name, “rosa-sinesis” means rose of China.
  • Sun exposure: Purple hibiscus need direct sun exposure to fully develop, about six hours per day.
  • Height: Purple hibiscus grow up to 10m in the wild.
  • Soil: Purple hibiscus’ soil should be very well-drained, rich in organic matter but not too thin or loamy.
  • Leaves: Purple hibiscus’ leaves are arranged in spiral, about 10cm long and ovate in shape. In color, they are evergreen.
  • Blooming time: Purple hibiscus bloom from late June or early August until the first frost.
  • Maintenance: Freshly potted purple hibiscus need to be watered thoroughly, but don’t let them soak as you don’t want them to rot. Pinching is also very important, as the density of the plant should be maintained at a certain level.
  • Propagation method: Purple hibiscus may be propagated by seeds, through cuttings, grafting, air-layering and tissue culture.

Purple Hibiscus Species

All in all, there are about two hundred hibiscus species out there. Purple hibiscus can be found in the shapes of Hibiscus cameronii, Hibiscus coccineus, Hibiscus huegelii, Hibiscus manihot, Hibiscus pedunculatus, Hibiscus trionum and Hibiscus sabdariffa.

Purple Hibiscus Meaning

The purple hibiscus is a royal and exotic flower. A delicate beauty that for the highest standards. The purple hibiscus is a symbol of majestic splendor.

Purple Hibiscus Arrangements

Purple hibiscus arrangements look stunning with yellow iris or orchids. They can be used in weddings or black tie events, even in funerals.

Purple hibiscus arrangements have a very deep, powerful meaning that permits them all this luxury. And they are quite popular amongst these. So, if you want a really nice purple hibiscus arrangement that says “Goodbye” to a loved one, mix your purple hibiscus with white callas or white orchids and you will certainly convey your best respects and sincere feelings.

For other kinds of purple hibiscus arrangements, use yellow, bright yellow, orange, pink or blue with in addition to purple hibiscus and you won’t go wrong. For wedding arrangements, mix your purple hibiscus with orchids. Or use roses or lilies and royalty will be written all over the wedding tables!

Purple Hibiscus Bouquets

Purple hibiscus bouquets are very fancy. Round, cascade or hand-tied, plain simple or combined with orchids, lilies or calla lilies, tulips or bird of paradise, purple hibiscus bouquets will always look gorgeous.

For bridal purple hibiscus bouquets, use orange and shades of pale pink hibiscus to go with your purple ones and you will be more than delighted with your choice!

However, purple hibiscus bouquets may be used just plain, hand-tied with a silk ribbon and mixed with white-creamy feathers or pearls!

Purple Hibiscus in Gardens

Purple hibiscus needs plenty of sunlight, so place the bush in a sunny place! Remember to fertilize the soil every day and to prune in winter. Pinching is required so that young blooms can develop.

Place your purple hibiscus in an area where you have planted other tropical flowers. The effect will be stunning! Just imagine purple hibiscus alongside orchids or oleander.


Purple hibiscus must be kept in cool places, away from direct sunlight and in clean vases. Any underwater foliage must be removed and their stems should be cut every two days, about an inch, so that they can feed themselves with fresh water. Place flower preservatives in their vase daily, so that they last longer. If you don’t have or don’t want to do that, slip them a little sugar cube.

The purple hibiscus is a very special flower. Beautiful, breathtaking even. Amazing when used in weddings, and proper for funeral ceremonies, the purple hibiscus is simply magnificent!