Purple Lily - A Guide to Purple Lilies

Purple Lily

Purple lilies are royal flowers. First in color, second in shape. Their trumpet shaped blooms announce a ceremonial event. A majestic crowning, the presence of a prince and princess, of a king and a queen.

Purple lilies are chic, graceful and supreme – they are always fashionable and prestigious!

Purple Lily Description

  • Family: Liliaceae
  • Origin: The origin of the purple lily is not very exact. They have been traced in various parts of the world for over 3000 years, from the times of the nomads and gatherers. However, the botanical name of the lily has Latin origin – Lilium – this in its turn it is derived from the Greek Leirion - which is considered to be associated with the Madonna lily and it can be translated by using the word “flower”.
  • Sun exposure: Purple lilies prefer full sun when growing. Partial shade is also recommended, but only in the afternoon.
  • Height: Purple lilies grow from 6 to 8 feet tall.
  • Soil: Purple lilies’ soil should be very well drained, moist, rich in organic material and acidic.
  • Leaves: Purple lily leaves are pointed, long and deep green in color.
  • Blooming time: Purple lilies bloom from early summer to early fall.
  • Maintenance: Purple lilies should be planted about 6 to 7 inches deep in the rich, organic soil and about 6 inches apart. Immediately after planting, they must be watered generously and the soil in which they grow should be kept warm at all times.
  • Propagation method: Purple lilies may be propagated through bulb division, stem bulblets, stem bulbils, scales, by tissue culture and through seeds.

Purple Lily Species

There are about 80 lily species out there, and they can be categorized by color, bloom, scent and size. Therefore, we gave longiflorums, oriental, Asiatic and Asiatic longiflorum, from which purple lilies are the following few: Midnight, Lilium leucanthum, Sorbonne, Sarabande, Starburst Sensation.

Purple Lily Meaning

Purple lilies are a symbol of royalty. The lily alone represents innocence, purity and beauty and combined with the regal color, purple can only lead to a chic representation of royalty. Purple lilies are special flowers that are used on special occasions. They are a symbol of majesty and honor.

Purple Lilies Arrangements

Purple lilies arrangements are used mostly for classy banquets or chic weddings. This is probably due to their significant meaning of royal, majestic flowers. They look great when set as table centerpieces, or when they are elements of decoration on wedding cakes.

Purple lily arrangements can be mixed with orange iris, graceful white daisies, pink mini carnations and yellow solidago when you want to create a flower basket for an occasion. When used for weddings, purple lilies arrangements should not be mixed with more than two colors: either you pick shades of pink and lavender to go with them, either you choose the classical white-purple combination.

Purple Lily Bouquets

Purple lily bouquets for brides are fabulous! They are just what purple lilies symbolize: majesty. A bride with a cascade purple lily bouquet will be a majestic bride! Hand-tied purple lily bouquets are also pretty looking. If wrapped in a silky bow, they shall look ravishing in any hands.

Now, if you want to mix purple lilies with other flowers in a bouquet, white flowers are recommended as the contrast is quite powerful. Carnations, lilies, roses, daisies any of these can be a perfect match in a purple lily bouquet.

Purple Lilies in Gardens

Purple lilies should be planted either in early spring, either in mid fall. A sunny and dry place should be chosen for them. The soil should be very, very well-drained and consist of organic material. In spring, fertilize the soil in which you are about to grow your purple lilies and when doing this, use a formula that is rich in phosphorus such as 5–10–10.

Purple lilies are perfect border flowers. So, try to plant them as such!


To keep your cut purple lilies fresh, first, keep them in cool places, away from any kind of heating device. Cut their stems a little, from the bottom, every two or three days and remove their pollen away.

Also, you might want to keep purple lilies away from cats, as they are poisonous for them.

Purple lilies give you everything you want! Splendor, sophistication, style! A “must” in a tasteful wedding, a business banquet, or a fancy celebration. Purple lilies are just beautiful. No matter in what combination of colors or flowers, they have that unique beauty that brings them out in an instant.