Red Calla Lily - A Guide to Red Calla Lilies

Red Calla Lily

Red calla lilies are passionate flowers. Symbols of love and attraction, they are the perfect gift for the one you love. Elegant, sophisticated, they have a certain interesting vibe that makes you stare at them when placed in crystal vases or wrapped in hand tied bouquets. Standing tall in a chic vase, red calla lilies are the perfection personified!

Red Calla Lily Description

  • Family: Araceae
  • Origin: Red calla lilies are native to the South African continent. The flower appeared in America in the mid 19th century.
  • Sun exposure: Red calla lilies need full sun for a proper development.
  • Height: Red calla lilies are 18 to 40 inches tall.
  • Soil: Red calla lilies need a moist soil, very-well drained and rich in minerals.
  • Leaves: Red calla lily leaves are long arrow, knife or heart shaped, dark green in color.
  • Blooming time: Red calla lilies bloom in spring all throughout mid summer.
  • Maintenance: What is really important in the growing process of the red calla lilies is that they are kept wet continuously, do not, for any reason let the soil dry out – this will lead to the death of the red calla lily.
  • Propagation method: Red calla lilies can be propagated through seeds, by division in early spring and by basil cuttings in the summer.

Red Calla Lily Species

There are about 30 calla lily species all in all. Red calla lilies are the following: Majestic Red, Red Embers, Red Sox, Rubylite Rose and Sunglow.

Red Calla Lily Meaning

Red calla lilies are a symbol of love. When you think of red calla lilies you instantly have to think about desire, attractiveness. Red calla lilies are the flowers you give your Valentine to send out messages of affection.

Also, the red calla lily is a symbol of righteousness, vanity and bravery.

Red Calla Lilies Arrangements

Red calla lilies arrangements are especially used for the holidays as the color helps them identify with the winter holidays. Placed in baskets, placed on trays or in classy vases, the red calla lilies arrangements will fill up a room with warmth and love.

Red calla lilies arrangements can be found in different shades of red, from pale, almost pink to vibrantly colored reds. Usually, the red calla lilies, as they are known to be powerful flowers, are mixed with other powerful flowers, like orchids, freesias or lisianthus.

As colors you may use violet, white and yellow with red calla lilies and you will get astonishing contrasts in your red calla lily arrangements.

Red Calla Lily Bouquets

Red calla lily bouquets are popular as bridal bouquets. The round and the cascade are the most used with red calla lilies. Besides beauty, a bridal red calla lily bouquet will always bring sophistication in the wedding picture. So be not afraid to use the, as the calla lilies are known to be the ultimate wedding flowers.

However, if you do not want to have a full red calla lily bouquet, mix them with white roses, white lilies or orchids, add some white pearls on the petals or the leaves and tie the bouquet with an organza ribbon and you will have a jewel instead of a red calla lily bouquet.

Red Calla Lilies in Gardens

Red calla lilies should be planted in spring, in warm, rich and moist soil, in a sunny place. They should be watered constantly for a proper growth. Red calla lilies need flower food once every three weeks as not every soil is like the South African soil, and thus, this must be remediated.

Placed near a white rose flowerbed, the red calla lilies will make your garden a fairytale set.


Cut red calla lilies should be kept in fresh water, in a clean vase. The water in which they are placed should not be not too cold, nor too hot – medium warm water is ideal. Also, cut red calla lilies should be kept in cool places, away from direct sunlight, which will lead to their sudden death.

Red calla lilies are dominant flowers. Their statement is crystal clear: LOVE! They spread it in all their shades, while wrapped in all sorts of bouquet shapes, in al kinds of arrangements. Red calla lilies are marvelous, loud, presentable flowers that will help you express your feelings everytime you cannot find your words!