Red Gerbera Daisy - A Guide to Red Gerberas

Red Gerbera Daisy

Red gerbera daisies are beautiful, rich flowers. They spread love and desire! They can attract bees and butterflies, but also the attention of the one you love. Red gerbera daisies are just the thing you need for making a grand gesture of love for your sweetheart.

Red Gerbera Daisy Description

  • Family: Asteraceae
  • Origin: The name of the red gerbera is native to Africa, Madagascar, South America and Tropical Asia. Also known as the African Daisy, as well as Barberton Daisy and Transvaal Daisy, its name comes from the 18th century German naturalist, Traugot Gerber.
  • Sun exposure: Red gerbera daisies grow best if they are fully exposed to the sun. They will also need partial shade, but they will need it only after they have already bloomed.
  • Height: Red gerbera daisies grow from 15 to 45 cm.
  • Soil: Red gerbera daisies soil must drain very well, it must be rich in organic matter and moist.
  • Leaves: Red gerbera daisy leaves are rich green in color, funky in shape and curly on the sides.
  • Blooming time: Red gerbera daisies are considered perennial flowers in warm areas and annual ones in places where winter is involved. Naturally, red gerbera daisies bloom only during springtime, but they can be found all year long in florist shops.
  • Maintenance: Make sure your red gerbera daisies are watered properly. Leave time for the soil to dry before you water them again, keep the soil moist, not too wet. Also, remove any dead head immediately after you notice it, as new blooms should be encouraged.
  • Propagation method: Red gerbera daisies may be propagated by seed, rooted stem cuttings or crown division.

Red Gerbera Daisy Species

All in all, there are about thirty gerbera daisy species out in the wild from which we can find the Jamesonii type, Crocea type, single, double and full crested flowers. Red gerbera daisies may be found under names like Coral Gerbera Daisy or Cooper Tin.

Red Gerbera Daisy Meaning

Red gerbera daisies are a symbol of love, passion and desire. Their beautiful round shape represent the vast amount of deep feelings that are incorporated into the rich and beautiful petals of the red gerbera daisy. So, if you are ever wondering of how you can express your love and you don’t want to be dull using red roses, red gerbera daisies may be an excellent choice!

Red Gerbera Daisies Arrangements

Red gerbera daisies arrangements look astonishing, especially when they combined with other types of flowers and placed in baskets.

Usually, red gerbera daisies arrangements are used for sympathy, as they send a very deep message to the family of the departed. However, in other kinds of arrangements, the red gerbera daisy may be classically combined with other white flowers like roses, carnations or lilies. Yellow and orange are also a very smart choice, but if you are planning a wedding and you want to use the red gerbera daisies as your central flower in the arrangements, it might be best to keep your red gerbera daisy arrangements plain and simple, don’t mix, just add a little gypsophila.

Red Gerbera Daisy Bouquets

Red gerbera daisy bouquets are filled with passion. They are vibrant and they inspire the deepest feeling of love. Posey or hand-tied red gerbera daisy bouquets are the best. A dozen of them or even more make a beautiful bridal bouquet for a beautiful bride.

In combination with other flowers, use white roses for a round bouquet and white or yellow lilies for a cascade shaped red gerbera daisy bouquet. If you tie them up in silk ribbons you will surely make the impression wanted and be congratulated for your tasteful choice. You may also use yellow and creamy flowers, pale pink or even purple as they will go wonderfully with your red and passionate gerbera daisies.

Red Gerbera Daisies in Gardens

Red gerbera daisies require a sunny place in your garden. Therefore, choose the right spot and the right soil composition for your red gerbera daisies. Make sure you don’t water them excessively and remove any dead heads so that other flowers can bloom. Place them near lots of greenery or near white rose bushes and you will give your garden a look that will raise envy in your neighbor’s eyes.


Cut red gerbera daisies are easy to maintain. Just place them in a clean vase and in fresh water. Add a sugar cube if you see them lean down and they will revive in an instant. Also, change their water from three to four days and snip their stems so that they can receive the amount of water that they need.

Red gerbera daisies are glamorous flowers. They are great for adding color to both your room and your garden. They have the ability to refresh your air and please you with their beauty.