Red Hibiscus - A Guide to Red Hibiscus

Red Hibiscus

The red hibiscus is a natural, wonderful exotic flower that is admired by many! Competing with the red rose, the red hibiscus has a vast history and tradition that lasts throughout time. Inspiring love and passion, the red hibiscus is a one-of-a-kind flower!

Red Hibiscus Description

  • Family: Malvaceae
  • Origin: The red hibiscus is native to the swamps of Georgia and Florida. Although they have Asian roots and it is considered to be the “rose of china”, after its Latin name, rosa-sinesis, the red hibiscus is associated with the United Sates, where they arrived in the 18th century.
  • Sun exposure: Red hibiscus need full sun exposure.
  • Height: Red hibiscus grow up to 10m in the wild.
  • Soil: Red hibiscus' soil must be very well-drained, loamy but not too heavy or thin, rich in organic matter and loose.
  • Leaves: Red hibiscus’ leaves are evergreen. They are ovate in shape and arranged in spiral.
  • Blooming time: Red hibiscus bloom in late June or early August.
  • Maintenance: Red hibiscus need both sunny areas and partial shaded locations to fully develop, plus a moist soil. Pruning is very important in the maintenance of red hibiscus. Once they have reached maturity, prune them about one third of their original size.
  • Propagation method: Red hibiscus may be propagated by seeds, through cuttings, grafting, air-layering and tissue culture.

Red Hibiscus Species

All in all, there are about two hundred hibiscus species out there. Red hibiscus can be found in the shapes of A Giant Red Pancake Hibiscus, Red Heart Hibiscus, Giant Red Hibiscus, the Devil as Hibiscus.

Red Hibiscus Meaning

The red hibiscus is inspired by love. It represents outstanding beauty and love. It is a symbol of fertility and its deep shades of red represent passion and desire.

Red Hibiscus Arrangements

Red hibiscus is quite popular in tropical arrangements. Red hibiscus arrangements can be used for different occasions: weddings, birthdays, holidays and celebrations of any kind.

In wedding ceremonies, mix red hibiscus with white flowers, orchids or lilies. Bird of paradise is also a wonderful choice that goes well in red hibiscus arrangements. Pink, orange and yellow are the perfect colors that go with red. Try however to avoid blue, as it may be a little bit too much, unless you use multicolor flowers for your arrangement or bouquet.

For corsages and boutonnieres, red hibiscus arrangements are very elegant in a very exotic kind of way. In centerpieces, they will lighten up any table and confer it uniqueness.

Red Hibiscus Bouquets

Red hibiscus bouquets are perfect as bridal bouquets if the bride is a very passionate one! Keep the red hibiscus bouquet plain, just surrounded by their green foliage and it will look stunning with your white or creamy dress.

White is a smart choice to mix with red hibiscus. You can also use shades of pink, peachy orange or lavender, but white will always do the trick alongside red.

For flower combinations, use exotic flowers such as orchids, or mix lilies and callas, even tulips or royal calla lilies in your red hibiscus bouquet.

Red Hibiscus in Gardens

Red hibiscus need to be planted in sunny areas. South or West is preferred. During winter, the red hibiscus must be protected from wind and cold, ice and snow. You can do that by covering them up with blankets, or by placing them under plastic recipients.

Place red hibiscus bushes near other tropical flowers and your garden will take every look passing by. You will have a Hawaiian garden just for yourself and it will be admired by many!


Keep cut red hibiscus in the refrigerator if you want to use them for decorative purposes. Otherwise, place them in a clean vase, remove any underwater foliage and cut their stems every two days, about an inch.

Red hibiscuses are tropical flowers, but although they like warmth when potted or placed in your garden, when cut, red hibiscus must be kept in cool places in order to remain fresh!

The red hibiscus is very beautiful and fragile. Proper for all sorts of events, the red hibiscus lets you enjoy its beauty and glamorous look and its unique scent.