Red Lily - A Guide to Red Lilies

Red Lily

Red lilies are both elegant and exotic flowers. They inspire feelings of passionate love and desire. Their trumpet-shaped blooms are intriguingly beautiful and filled with mystery. Red lilies are special flowers, especially designed for you to enjoy on special occasions!

Red Lily Description

  • Family: Liliaceae
  • Origin: The origin of the white lily is not very exact. They have been traced in various parts of the world for over 3000 years, from the times of the nomads and gatherers. However, their botanical name has a Latin origin – Lilium – this in its turn it is derived from the Greek Leirion - which is considered to be associated with the Madonna lily and it can be translated by using the word “flower”.
  • Sun exposure: Red lilies need full morning sun and partial shade in the evening in order to develop properly.
  • Height: Red lilies grow from 6 to 8 feet tall.
  • Soil: Red lilies require acidic soil, well-drained, lime free and moist.
  • Leaves: Red lily leaves are quite long, deep green in color, pointy and protrude.
  • Blooming time: Red lilies bloom from June until August.
  • Maintenance: Red lilies should be grown in full sun, in an appropriate climate. They should be planted in early spring when there is no more frost.
  • Propagation method: Red lilies may be propagated through bulb division, stem bulblets, stem bulbils, scales, by tissue culture and through seeds.

Red Lily Species

There are about 80 lily species out there, and they can be categorized by color, bloom, scent and size. Therefore, we gave longiflorums, oriental, Asiatic and Asiatic longiflorum, from which red lilies are the following few: Cocktail Twins, Blackout, Karen North, Red Velvet, Razzle Dazzle.

Red Lily Meaning

Red lilies stand for the most beautiful feeling in this world - love. They are a symbol of warmth and desire. The red lily is also the symbol of the Italian town Florence, as it was excessively used in past holiday decorations.

Red Lilies Arrangements

Red lilies are sophisticated flowers. They are your voice when expressing feelings of love and deep caring. Big red lily arrangements in baskets are perfect for any occasion. They are radiant flowers that fill up any room with warmth.

Red lilies arrangements go great with white flowers, especially roses. Also, they can be mixed with pinkish shades and orange-yellow.

Snapdragons, lilies, calla lilies, roses, eucalyptus, myrtle, carnations and camellia are the most often used in mixed red lily arrangements for both weddings and funerals.

Red Lily Bouquets

Cascade red lily bouquets are the best! Elegant, passionate, they are the ultimate flowers for a fervent bride! Red lilies make any bouquet rich. You will often find red lilies bouquets mixed with white roses or snapdragons.

Round red lily bouquets can be seen also, but the cascade ones are the most used due to the trumpet shape of the bloom of the red lily.

Red lilies go wonderfully with pink snapdragons in bouquets, also. Lavender and orange are other shades that go mixed with red lilies bouquets, so you can break the white and red pattern and use something different, without any search of the heart.

Red Lilies in Gardens

Red lilies are perfect as background flowers in flowerbeds, as they are quite tall plants. They can be placed near red or white roses or just near a lot of greenery and they will brighten up your garden in an instant. You just have to remember when planting them, that they need a place that dries fast, with full sun in the first part of the day and with partial shade in the evening!


What you should remember about freshly cut red lilies is that they should be placed in cool places, preferably in a dark place for a few minutes after the arrival. They are quite thirsty flowers, so they should have plenty of water in the vase at all times. For a fresh look, remove their pollen immediately after you have received them. This will give them beauty and prevent you from getting stained.

Red lilies are just the flowers you were looking for! Powerful, ravishing, red lilies make your world turn upside down. A wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day, a wonderful arrangement for a holiday like, let’s say, Christmas, red lilies are just what the doctor ordered!