Red Orchid - A Guide to Red Orchids

Red Orchid

Red orchids are often described as “an Asian love’s dream”. Radiant and grand, red orchids represent the extraordinary wishes of love. They are sophisticated flowers, but with a sincere message.

Brilliant for Valentine’s Day – red orchids are the way to impress the girl you like!

Red Orchid Description

  • Family: Orchidaceae
  • Origin: Red orchids originate in ancient Greece. The word itself, “orchid” is a derivate from the Greek “orchis” which is the Greek word for testicle. Thus, red orchids were a symbol of virility and prosperity.
  • Sun exposure: Depending on the species, red orchids can grow in full, half, or dim sunlight.
  • Height: Red orchids grow up to 14 inches tall.
  • Soil: Red orchid soil should be well-drained and containing organic material, like fir bark, osumda fiber and peat.
  • Leaves: Red orchid leaves are bright green and healthy looking. The leaf color usually indicates the amount of light that the red orchid receives.
  • Blooming time: Between July and September.
  • Maintenance: Pruning is quite important in maintaining a red orchid healthy. Removing dead parts of the plant and shaping it, will make the re-blooming of the red orchid even more spectacular.
  • Propagation method: Red orchids may be propagated using six methods: through division, by keiki, areal cuttings, meristem or tissue culture, which is a scientific method of propagating red orchids, and last but not least, red orchids may be propagated through seeds.

Red Orchid Species

There are two main types of red orchids: terrestrial (which grow on the ground) and epiphytes (which grow on trees). Now if you are wondering how many types of red orchids are there in the world, one hand wouldn’t be enough to count them as there are countless species. For example, there are the Dendrobium cuthbertsonii, Disa stolzii, Hexisia bidentata, Masdevallia veitchiana, Satyrium acutirostrum, Satyrium monadenum or the Sophronitis coccinea.

Red Orchid Meaning

Red orchids stand for passion, energy, power, strength, determinism. Red is both the color of fire and the color of blood. So if you are having trouble expressing true passion for the one you love, just think of the exotic shape of red orchids and what their color stands for and wrap up some red orchid branches in a pageant and send it right away!

Red Orchids Arrangements

Red orchid arrangements are the best in expressing love and gratitude. Placed in ceramic discs, glass vases or pyramid bowls, red orchids, combined with white or pale pink carnations will always make a nice arrangement look stunning.

Red orchid arrangements are ideal for receptions. If used in weddings, they should be mixed preferably with white as they are pretty vibrant themselves.

Red Orchid Bouquets

If you have a passion for red, then red orchid bouquets are the most elegant and out of the ordinary way to show it! Just combine red orchids with white roses surrounded by gypsophilla and tie them up with a rope of white pearls and you will get the most passionate round red orchid bouquet one has ever seen!

Also, you can use them in a cascade red orchid bouquet. Alongside white orchids, they will look glamorous!

Red Orchids in Gardens

Growing red orchids in your garden may be quite difficult. You must be aware of all sorts of things. First, you should know what kind of soil is required for the original tropical plant and try to provide it by mixing all kinds of organic material. Then, you should choose the perfect spot so that it will grow without any trouble, having perfect lighting, perfect temperature, just like in its natural, exotic habitat. You should water it constantly and make sure nothing stands in its way.


Cut red orchids, being tropical flowers, like cooler temperatures at night, so try placing them in a cooler area of the house. During daytime, however, keep it in a southern window, preferably, as red orchids like bathing in the sun during daylight. Also, to keep freshness, spray the blooms with water from time to time.

Red orchids are beautiful, elegant flowers. Perfect for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, your wedding or whishing Happy Birthday. You should know, however, that red orchids are special flowers. They inspire pure passion and the most intense feeling of love. They are simply an artful splendor!