Red Tulip - A Guide to Red Tulips

Red Tulip

Red tulips are flowers of love. With their crown shaped bloom, they amplify the feeling of serenity and elegance. They are perfect for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and they are especially perfect when you want to show true love.

Red tulips are an exquisite substitute for red roses, which sometimes may be too much. Red tulips offer a more personal message of love, they are simply pure and sincere.

Red Tulip Description

  • Family: Liliaceae
  • Origin: The red tulip has been cultivated since the 1500’s when it was considered and exotic wild flower grown in the Persian Empire. One Persian legend says that there once was a prince who loved dearly a Persian princess, but she did not respond to his love. Saddened by this, the Persian prince started crying and his tears took the shape of the tulips.
  • Sun exposure: Full sun is required for red tulips.
  • Height: Red tulips grow from 8 to 28 inches.
  • Soil: The soil in which red tulips grow should have a ph of 5 or 6, it should be sandy and loose and of course, well-drained.
  • Leaves: Red tulip leaves are fleshy-scaled, green or bluish-grey in color. They grow from the base of the flower and they reach the beginning of the bloom.
  • Blooming time: Red tulips bloom from March to late May.
  • Maintenance: Red tulips need room to grow. So, plant them few inches apart to make sure they can easily breathe.
  • Propagation method: Red tulips can be propagated using two methods: bulbs and seeds.

Red Tulip Species

There are two categories of red tulips – species tulips and garden tulips. There are about 100 species of red tulips and thousands of garden red tulips. To name just a few, there are Breeder Tulips, Darwin Tulips, Parrot Tulips, Cottage Tulips, Lily-flowered Tulips, and Early Tulips.

Red Tulip Meaning

Red tulips symbolize true love. They are the perfect sign of love. Elegant, romantic, the red tulip is the perfect flower to show your irresistible love. So, whenever you want to declare yourself to someone, red tulips will help you.

Red tulips also are a symbol of belief and generosity and this is why they are often used in Church decorations.

Red Tulips Arrangements

Red tulip arrangements are ideal for weddings. A classical statement of love for one another, red tulips arrangements may be used as table centerpieces, in the bride’s bouquet or just placed in gift baskets at the entrance.

Passionate and vibrant, red tulip arrangements look brilliant as corsages or boutonnieres when combined with white lace and greenery.

Also, mixed with red roses and delicate pink tulips, red tulips will send the most perfect “I Love You” there is. And, if put in a glass vase and wrapped around in a satin pink bow, this arrangement will amaze for sure.

Red Tulip Bouquets

Hand-tied or cascade, usually tied with a satin ribbon are the most used red tulip bouquets and thus, the most elegant.

Red tulips can be assorted easily with white flowers – for example, white roses and white tulips look beautiful when mixed in round red tulip bouquets. For a more extravagant red tulip bouquet, they may be combined with purple flowers – this will give the bouquet both flair and fashion.

Red Tulips in Gardens

Red tulip flowerbeds are one of a kind. They fill every garden space with love and brightness. So, if you want to have these beauties in your own personal garden, you just have to remember that you must plant the bulbs in the fall, about 4 to 8 inches apart from one another, place them in full sunlight and make sure they have a well drained soil.

If you want to make your garden look like a spectacular show, try mixing red tulips with white tulips or spring flowers.


Red tulips are very sensitive flowers. When freshly cut, set them immediately in water, otherwise they will lose the vigor and will perish instantly. Also, cut red tulips do not like heat, so keep them in cool places. If encountering too much warmth, their bloom will open up to a point where they might lose all the petals.

Red tulips are exactly what you need. They are nor too fancy, nor too dull. They are perfect! Fresh and dazzling, red tulips offer beauty and elegance. Mixed with other flowers or just simple, red tulips will garnish your garden every spring!