Corporate Flowers

Corporate flowers are special types of flowers and flower arrangements that are used in the business world, whether they are used for lunches, meetings or special corporate events.

Corporate flowers tend to be “over the top”, exotic and expensive so that they can make a statement about the importance and the status of a specific company.

What are Corporate Flowers?

Corporate flowers are used to decorate offices, halls, fancy desks, to lighten up the places in which people work, to bring light and excitement. Often they are very elegant and can immediately loosen up any boardroom or business meeting.

Corporate flowers are meant to make an impression. They are bound to be extraordinary beautiful and unique. Also, corporate flowers have to be smart flowers, elegant, fancy, but smart and a little bit conservative.

Now that we have cleared a bit what and how corporate flowers should be and what they should express, let’s see what are your choices.

Corporate Flowers Arrangement Ideas

First, you should know that corporate flowers may be placed in glass vases, cylindrical in shape, so that they look proper, neat and serious. Corporate flowers can be mixed in baskets or they can take the form of table arrangements.

As for the types of corporate flowers that you should use, here are a few examples:

  • For cylindrical vases you can use magnolia sticks, tropical crab claws, golden vanda orchids, tiger lillies, chillies and tropical foliages.
  • Lilies, vandas, anthuriums, kale, bamboo and rich striped foliages may be proper for a reception desk.
  • Strange looking flowers are perfect for corporate design, so try king proteas, banksia, gum nuts, lukes and seasonal native, all mixed in a little, round ceramic vase.
  • For corporate events, the most used corporate flowers should be the ones that attract attention: flowers placed in glass vases in the middle of the buffet, such as some white calla lilies, incorporated with stunning fresh greenery. They have a very elegant look and will capture anyone’s eyesight in a moment.
  • The cymbidium orchid, placed in a cylinder vase and finished with a tropical leaf at the base can also be a very elegant corporate flower arrangement and can enrich the table.
  • Purplish orchids with exotic greenery and a long tall glass will give you the “Wow!” factor. So will the bird of paradise or strelitzia.
  • Try using green roses in small round vases and spice them up in design with silky bows or some ice decorations and the effect will be extraordinary.
  • Tropical leaves styled with masses of clustered Anthurium Lilies may do the trick for a fancy corporate event. David Austin garden roses placed in an elegant ceramic vase may also be an option, or loads of bright Mokara orchids styled in a medium vase lined with foliage and wrapped in a very elegant bow or, even better, strongly clustered white Singapore orchids bordered by tropical leaves and placed in a funny shaped vase is also a great combination.
  • For colors think lots of greens and pale shades of pink and yellow. Orange can always be a choice for corporate flowers. Also, yellow and purple with pink go along really well in an office arrangement placed in front of an office or in a corner, near a desk.
  • Still, the best choice for corporate flowers is to follow the company’s color palette, either by complementing or contrasting it.

Corporate Flowers and Fruit Arrangements

A very important thing that you should keep in mind is that corporate flowers, as they are almost all exotic flowers, can be mixed with fruit like oranges, lemons or melons, in different types of arrangements.

They can either be designed for table pieces in corporate events or for desks and offices, set in vases. The truth is that they go amazingly together and you should not miss the chance to use them if you ever consider doing this.

So, corporate flowers may be used for product release parties, company conferences, award ceremonies and themed events, for desk designs, office designs and receptions. Remember that corporate flowers must be elegant, prestigious and boastful, they should impose awe and respect, reflecting the company’s image and status.