Flowers for Mother’s Day

Once a year comes that very special day in which we celebrate the most special person in our lives, the person who gave us life, taught us how to eat, speak and behave: our mother. Therefore, our mothers deserve the best and what better way to say "Thank You" to your mom, than giving her flowers for Mother’s Day?

It is said that flowers make the best statement when you cannot express your feelings into words. Hence, flowers for Mother’s Day may help you make this celebration more memorable and significant. However, you should be very careful with what kind of flowers for Mother's Day you choose. There are so many combinations, so many color choices that you can pick. You just have to find the ones that suit your mother best.

Choosing Flowers for Mother’s Day

The choices of flowers for Mother's Day are quite various: carnations, tulips, roses, lilies, orchids, hibiscus, calla lilies. Pink flowers, orange flowers, purple flowers or yellow flowers, blue, white or red flowers, you name it! There are all there for you to create the perfect Mother's Day flower arrangement for your mom.

Now the flowers for Mother's Day that you use should show how much you care and you love her: they should be a symbol of your great affection and shout out load your consideration for your dearest mother. The most used flowers for Mother's Day are carnations. They are the most representative flowers that we use on this special day as they express love and beauty, kindness and elegance.

There are so many ways in which to greet your mother with flowers: you can make a wonderful Mother's Day flower arrangement, you can give her a wonderful Mother's Day bouquet, maybe even a corsage.

However, when picking your very own flowers for Mother's Day, you should be aware of their meaning, as you might want to know that white carnations symbolize a departed mother, white lilies are a symbol of death, gladiolus are used mostly for funerals.

Here are a few flowers and their meanings that you should know if you want to use them in a Mother's Day arrangement or Mother's Day bouquet:

  • Pink roses are one of the most used flowers for Mother's Day arrangements, as they are a pure token of appreciation and admiration.
  • Moss is a symbol of maternal love.
  • Speaking about love, you should know that love is also encountered in the meaning of flowers like Ambrosia, Arbutus, Aster, Forget-me-not, pink Larkspur and single stem red roses.
  • Sweet peas symbolize gratitude.
  • Daffodils show respect.
  • Lilies of the valley are a symbol of sweetness.
  • Yellow lilies represent happiness.
  • Violets are associated with March, which is the month in which we celebrate Mother's Day in European countries.
  • However, pink carnations are the ultimate flowers for Mother’s Day. They should be both offered and worn, if your mother is still alive.
  • White carnations on the other hand, if worn on Mother’s Day, are a sign that your mother has passed away.

Mother’s Day Flower Arrangements

Now if you think of how you should arrange your flowers for Mother's Day, here are a few tips on Mother's Day flower arrangements:

  • For basket arrangements think of mixing shades of pink and purple flowers. They are fresh looking colors and they have a tender appearance. Try using different shades of Oriental pink lilies or mix ten pink tulips with other ten blue iris surrounded by greenery. As a Mother's Day arrangement, it will look astonishing and it will surely please you mom when the delivery arrives at your door step with this dashing looking basket.
  • Yellow is another wonderful color that you can use in your Mother's Day flower arrangement. Spring yellow roses, Asiatic and Peruvian yellow lilies and posies, yellow tulips with pink outer petals will brighten Mother's Day in an instant!
  • Peach roses may also be a choice for your Mother’s Day arrangement. A peachy rose basket arrangement surrounded by daffodils will look absolutely remarkable.

Mother’s Day Bouquet Ideas

Mother's Day bouquets should be round, rich and cheerful. So, in order to achieve all these for your Mother's Day bouquet, follow these guidelines:

  • Use yellow tulips, pink carnations, purple orchids or stargazer lilies for your Mother’s Day bouquet.
  • Also, red-tipped tulips with pretty pink and yellow roses, all wrapped in a silk ribbon to create a charming Mother’s Day bouquet, will surely melt your mother's heart.
  • Another cheerful Mother's Day bouquet can be formed by sparkling orange tulips and light pink gerbera daisies, deep pink roses, purple lisianthus and mini purple carnations.
  • A cascade Mother's Day bouquet may be formed with lavender roses and Oriental pink lilies, along with light purple larkspur and gray-green eucalyptus. This one has a glowing look and quite a classy touch that your mother will surely adore!

So, all in all, remember that what you should do on Mother's Day is not just give your mom an ordinary Mother's Day flower arrangement or bouquet, you should pick her the perfect flowers for Mother’s Day. Those you think suit her best for this special occasion and those that show your love and appreciation the most!