Graduation Flowers, Bouquets and Arrangements

Graduation day is a very important day in our lives. And what other way to celebrate it and to greet the graduates than by giving them graduation flowers? As flowers are given on joyful events like this, graduation day is always filled with bouquets and all kinds of cheerful flower arrangements.

When thinking of giving someone graduation flowers, you should know that this is a happy event that they should remember for the rest of their lives. So, having this in mind, try making your graduation bouquet memorable for them!

Choosing Graduation Flowers

Some of the most used graduation flowers are:

  • Roses: assorted roses will always make a nice graduation bouquet to give.
  • Another commonly used graduation flower is the gerbera daisy. Surrounded by greenery, it will always make that impression you like to see on people's faces when they admire something beautiful.
  • Tulips are beautiful graduation flowers, also. Purple and yellow tulips will make the graduate smile instantly when receiving them, so if you think of using them, you should know that they are one of the most perfect graduation flower choices you can think of!

Offering a Graduation Bouquet

When offering a graduation bouquet, you should also have in mind the meaning of flowers you are going to give. What you need are cheerful, colorful graduation bouquets, so try finding flowers that express these feelings. Colors may help you do this more easily. For example:

  • Offer yellow carnations, as yellow flowers make excellent graduation flowers since yellow is the color of sunshine, expressing joy, gladness, freedom (and freedom is needed on such occasions as school is finally over and you are on your own). They also express friendship.
  • Fuchsia pink carnations are great graduation flowers as well. They may easily be used in graduation bouquets as this deep shade of pink makes your eyeballs vibrate and spreads excitement and cheers.
  • Mix Asiatic yellow lilies and blue iris. This exotic combination will look spectacular in the hands of any graduate!
  • Or, even better, use coloured lilies, gerberas, iris, chrysanthemums and alstromeria, all surrounded by greenery and wrapped in a slilky bow.
  • Yellow lilies, orange gerberas, pink roses and yellow chrysanthemums say "Congratulations" in a very joyful manner, as well!
  • Twenty-one white roses, with purple and yellow iris are also something to greet a graduate with upon graduation day.
  • Another wonderful graduation bouquet may contain roses, pink gerbera daisies, pink lilies, lisianthus, daisy poms, waxflower and salal, beautifully arranged in a beautiful round manner. This kind of graduation bouquets are more elegant and are especially suited for women.

Thinking of shapes, graduation bouquets look best if they are round, as they are easier to hold. Just imagine that a graduate will surely receive several and has to be able to hold them properly. So, round graduation bouquets are the best!

Graduation Flower Arrangements

Sometimes you need to stand out in the crowd and offer the graduate more than a bouquet, but rather a graduation flower arrangement. Here’s what you need to have in mind in order to select the best graduation flowers for your arrangement:

Now for graduation parties there are all kinds of sorts of flower arrangements. Graduation flower arrangements make take the form of centerpieces, garlands or corsages. If you’re in the committee organizing the graduation party, you may want to read this:

  • For a cheerful graduation flower arrangement, mix pink carnations, purple alstroemeria, mini orange carnations, yellow button poms, monte casino.
  • Another very nice graduation arrangement may be formed from pink hydrangeas, but also yellow, red or purple!
  • Also, if you really want to spread a good cheer, create a wonderful graduation flower arrangement by using yellow daisies, red carnations, pink asters and attach to them three latex floating ballons and you will surely create a party atmosphere in an instant!
  • Pink gerbera daisies, iris, solidago, spray roses, statice, leatherleaf and curly willow may also be a choice for a graduation arrangement! And if you wonder why, the answer is because they are joyous, cheerful and lovely looking flowers that bring a smile to the recipients' face upon seeing them.
  • Another graduation flower arrangement may also be a basket filled with yellow tulips and red carnations, red roses or pink lilies, all in bright shades! You can also use blue roses in your graduation arrangements, but always mix them with other yellow, white or light pink flowers so that you create a harmonic contrast. Bright colors are a must on this special day!

So, as you can see, you can easily make a graduate happy on his or her graduation day, just by giving them the perfect graduation bouquet or the perfect graduation arrangement, containing the perfect graduation flowers that will brighten their perfect day even more that it would already be!