Memorial Flowers

Memorial flowers are flowers that should be chosen carefully, depending on the relationship and feelings for the departed one. Therefore, it's difficult to decide what flowers to use in a sympathy arrangement as memorial flowers. Although very elegant, they are filled with deep meaningful feelings for the deceased ones.

Memorial flowers offer comfort for the families that grieve their lost member. They are flowers that bring beauty to the memorial service and remind the family that your deep thoughts are with them.

Choosing Memorial Flowers

The first important step when trying to express your sorrow by means of memorial flowers is to choose the proper flower species and especially the proper colors. Here are some ideas, if you need help when choosing memorial flowers:

  • The most common memorial flowers that are used are carnations, lilies and calla lilies, as well as roses. These are the perfect way to say goodbye to a loved one.
  • When trying to pick the right color for a sympathy arrangement, remember that white flowers are the most appropriate ones in this situation. As white represents purity and elegance, innocence and evoking simple beauty. These are the exact elements that you need for this particular occasion.
  • Yellow may also be a choice if you want your arrangement to be eye-catching and make sure that your condolences are remembered. So use white memorial flowers in a mix with yellow ones and you won’t fail.
  • Red is also a color that is quite used for memorial arrangements and red carnations are the best way to express feelings of sorrow.
  • Another color tip for memorial flowers is blue, since blue is deep. Blue is associated with peace and tranquility, providing rest for the mind and as well as for the body. A spiritual color, blue is perfect for memorial flowers, leading us to spaces of infinite questions and unreachable places.
  • Pink can also be used when choosing the right memorial flowers. Smooth and silky, pink is a serene color that reminds us of joy and sweetness. Pink carnations, pink lilies or, even better, stargazer lilies can make a wonderful memorial arrangement.

Memorial flowers are seen as a tribute given to the ones that have passed away. Therefore, they should be chosen very carefully and they should only bring ease and peace to the remaining people that mourn the dead.

Memorial Flower Arrangements

Now memorial flowers may take various shapes: they can be arranged in funeral baskets, standing sprays, basket sprays, pillow or foot baskets, garland or hinge sprays, foot sprays, hand sprays, corsages, set pieces or table arrangements.

  • A casket spray may be formed by some extraordinary beautiful and elegant memorial flowers, such as white roses, carnations, iris, freesia and peonies, all in shades of white.
  • Also, fresh lilies, roses, daisy poms, button poms, waxflower and salal would make an astonishing tribute to a loved one: a colorful gathering of yellow, orange, pink and greenery.
  • You can transmit your deepest condolences in this sorrowful time by using memorial flowers like white football mums, blue delphiniums, white gladiolus and white roses in your memorial flower arrangements.
  • A particular arrangement may be formed by adding in a basket memorial flowers like lilies, sunflowers, yellow roses, snapdragons or larkspur.
  • Lavender mums and monte casino can be artistically arranged with pink roses, snapdragons and lilies, and accented with springeri and salal. Ideal memorial flowers for a standing basket, these are lively flowers, sweet and in the meantime, they carry a deep meaning.
  • White gladiolus flowers, salal and green pittosporum may also be a choice. Just remember that all these memorial flowers have to do is remind you of the beautiful times you spent with the departed one and that whenever you look at them you should be reminded of the wonderful times that you have spent together and they express your sincere sadness and sorrow.
  • Your devotion for the departed may be expressed by using fresh roses, stargazer lilies, freesia, hydrangea and gerbera daisies in shades of purple, pink, blue or yellow. This will look wonderful and will fill the hearts with love and a deep caring feeling of the ones who mourn their dead.

Memorial flowers should be appreciated for what they can do, as they, most of the time, express best what we, as humans cannot say in dark times like these. So, keep this in mind when you have to choose the memorial flowers, either for Memorial Day or for a particular funeral of a friend or member of the family.