Tropical Wedding Flowers

Tropical wedding flowers have become more and more popular among daring brides. These type of flowers can make a wedding day amazingly memorable. They are brightly colored, easy to get, as they are available all year round, and they have the most modern look you can find these days.

It is widely known the fact that all brides want to make their wedding day memorable and each one wants to top the other’s party. For this to happen for sure, using tropical flowers in your wedding is the answer! Tropical flowers are vibrant, splashy, bright. So choose them without any further thinking as they shall spice up any wedding ceremony!

Tropical wedding flowers are very accessible, both in the context of price and finding throughout the year. You can have your tropical wedding bouquet and arrangements in February, August or May, no matter the time or the place!

Centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, headbands, Hawaiian leis and many more decorative designs will look spectacular in the colorful shades of the tropical wedding flowers. Every bride wants her wedding to be perfect and tropical flowers are the answer for this to happen.

Choosing Tropical Wedding Flowers

There are various types of tropical flowers from which brides can choose from for their very special day:

  • First we have Anthuriums, which are beautiful tropical flowers, known by the common name of Flamingo flowers. They come in various shades of orange, red, green or pink.
  • Orchids are the most used tropical wedding flowers, due to their beauty and exotic look, they can really make a party quite special. These tropical flowers may be found all year round and you can choose from shades of pink, yellow or white. Their magnificent beauty will make your wedding quite exotic and their magnificence will take everybody’s breath away.
  • Heliconia is another choice for you - a very special flower that creates a real spectacle whenever it is used. If you really want your wedding to be a memorable one, then heliconia is the tropical wedding flower for you.
  • The red hibiscus is the most popular choice for Hawaiian weddings. An all red hibiscus tropical wedding flower bouquet will look stunning in any exotic bride's hands.
  • Other popular choices for tropical wedding flowers are Strelitzias, a tropical flower also known as the Bird of Paradise. Due to its unique shape, it will surely make an effect both in tropical wedding bouquets and centerpieces.
  • Apart from these, brides usually mix a lot of other tropical wedding flowers and the most used are the calla lilies, which, although no really exotic by the book, have a really out of the ordinary appearance.
  • Asiatic lilies, trumpet lilies and tuberoses are used in the same manner in many tropical wedding bouquets and arrangements.

Tropical Wedding Flower Bouquets

Now for tropical wedding bouquets there is another wide variety from which you can choose: nosegay, round, cascade, arm bouquets, hand-tied, single stem, basket, wrist, Hawaiian wedding lei or headbands.

Round and cascade bridal tropical flower bouquets are the best. And to make it more impressive, you can mix them with other traditional flowers that will only make them stand out even more.

For example, you can mix red peonies with deep pink cymbidium, bright orange circus roses, apricot roses and mini call lilies, roses, green orchids and lady slippers, or keep it simple and single with Hawaii grown pink cymbidium orchids.

Also, try mixing pink and green, peonies, mini calla lilies, roses and green orchids and pink cymbidium orchids in a lovely round bouquet.

Making a great impression on your guests is not that hard when using tropical flowers in your wedding decorations and your bridal bouquet. Try using deep pink mini calla lilies, white cymbidium orchids with pink throat, pink spray roses, green dendrobium orchids, wax, seeded eucalyptus in your tropical wedding bouquet and all the rolling of the eyes will be assured!

Another great mix may be green cymbidium orchids with wine colored throats, pale pink roses and seeded eucalyptus.

As for the colors used in all these tropical wedding bouquets, we can notice a particular lean towards shades of yellow, pink and light green, so keep this in mind if you think of using tropical wedding flowers in your wedding.

All in all, the main idea is that tropical wedding flowers will always do the trick for your wedding party. The decorations look lovely and exotic, you can easily play with them, giving their precious and out of the ordinary look, making headbands for your bridesmaids or Hawaiian leis for the guests. Tropical wedding flowers have gained more and more popularity, as they are so very bright and alluring, dazzling up any wedding!