Camellia - A Guide to Camellias


Camellias are precious little flowers. Exotic and mysterious, they are freshly looking for a very long period of time. Expressing the devotion of young lovers, the camellia is a flower one just can’t ignore!

Camellia Description

  • Family: Theaceae
  • Origin: The camellia is native to eastern and southern Asia.
  • Sun exposure: Camellias prefer light shade or filtered sun upon growing.
  • Height: Camellias grow from 3 to 4 m.
  • Soil: Slightly acidic, well-drained loamy and sandy soil is required for the growth of camellias.
  • Leaves: Camellias’ leaves are glossy, thick and evergreen in color.
  • Blooming time: Camellias bloom during the cool periods, from early October until late March.
  • Maintenance: Camellias must be pruned immediately after the blooms die and fertilized once the new flowers appear. Mulch is also necessary, but no thicker than two or three inches.
  • Propagation method: Camellias may be propagated by aerial rooting or cutting or seed.

Camellia Species

There are various species of camellias, to name a few, we can find: Crapnelliana, Granthamiana, Grijsii, Nitidissima, Oleifera, Puniceiflora Sinensis, Sinensis Pink, Transnokoensis, Vietnamensis, Yuhsienensis. But the most popular is by far Camellia Japonica.

Camellia Meaning

Camellias stand for feelings as gratitude and loveliness. They are pure, beautiful flowers that are the perfect expression of devotion of one lover to another. The petals of the flowers are said to stand for the spirit of a lady and the holder of the petals represents a young man, a protector of the lady. As camellias can be found in a wide range of shades, their meaning differs. For example, a pink camellia would say a thing like “Longing for you”, a red camellia, “You’re a flame in my heart” and a white camellia, “You’re adorable”.

Camellias Arrangements

Camellias arrangements are elegant and can be used for almost any kind of occasion. They have a very boheme look, so they can easily be used in wedding arrangements and bouquets.

Camellia centerpieces are one of a kind: delicate and exotic. Also, camellias may be used in corsages or boutonnieres. In baskets, camellia arrangements look lavishing, spreading joy and happiness.

If you want to combine camellia arrangements with other flowers, use magnolias, roses, mini carnations or other exotic flowers like birds of paradise.

Camellia Bouquets

Camellia bouquets are gorgeous! Especially the round ones! They are rich and filled with grace. For your camellia bouquet to look even better, mix white camellias with white peony and you will have the most beautiful, elegant and chic bridal bouquet anyone has ever seen!

For round camellia bouquets, you can also mix camellias with roses, gerbera lilies, magnolias, lilies, iris, chrysanthemums and alstromeria.

Camellias in Gardens

Plant camellias near a fence or a wall. They are air loving flowers so leave distance between them. However, as they are such large flowers, they do not need sun exposure. Camellias can easily live throughout wintertime, but after it blooms and begins growing, it needs a considerable amount of heat.

Remember that liquid manure is one of the best ways you can fertilize a camellia, so do that whenever it is possible!


Cut camellias require cool places. Their water should be changed every other day and about an inch of their stem should be cut each time you do this, as this will increase the absorption of water. Also, remove any underwater foliage to prevent bacteria from forming.

To keep cut camellias last longer, add a sugar cube or a drop of Sprite to cheer them up, and thus you will enjoy their beauty for another week or two!