Jasmine Flower - A Guide to Jasmine Flowers

Jasmine Flower

The jasmine flower is a natural beauty, with an irresistible fragrance. The jasmine flower is not used only for its decorative purpose, but also in the cosmetics industry and in the perfumery one for its wonderful scent. A gorgeous miracle, the jasmine flower is a delight!

Jasmine Flower Description

  • Family: Oleaceae
  • Origin: The jasmine flowers are native to Africa, Asia and Europe or to the region of Afro-Eurasia.
  • Sun exposure: Jasmine flowers need either full sun or partial shade, it depends on the stage of development in which it finds itself.
  • Height: Jasmine flowers grow from 10 to 15 feet tall.
  • Soil: Jasmine flowers’ soil should be well-drained so that it can grow and develop properly.
  • Leaves: Jasmine flower leaves are evergreen in color. They are simple in shape, trifoliate or pinnate with 5-9 leaflets.
  • Blooming time: Jasmine flowers usually bloom in January, but there are some that bloom from spring to midsummer.
  • Maintenance: For a healthy looking jasmine flower during hot days of summer, you should water it abundantly, once every third day. Also, in order to encourage new jasmine flowers growth, don’t forget to prune their vines and shrubs.
  • Propagation method: Jasmine flowers may be propagated by stem cuttings or layers.

Jasmine Flower Species

Here are some of the most known kinds of Jasmine Flowers: Common Jasmine, or poet's Jasmine, Winter Jasmine - Jasmine nudiflorum, Arabian Jasmine - Jasmine sambac, South African Jasmine - Jasmine angulare, Spanish Jasmine - Jasmine grandiflorum, Italian Jasmine - Jasmine humile, Primrose Jasmine - Jasmine mesnyi, Downy Jasmine - Jasmine multiflorum.

Jasmine Flower Meaning

The jasmine flower is known for its symbolization of attachment and sensuality. This little jasmine flower also stands for modesty, grace and it is a pure indicator of elegance and distinction.

Jasmine Flowers Arrangements

Jasmine flowers arrangements are very elegant. As centerpieces in a wedding they will look stunning, on a corner in your home will look warm and welcoming.

Jasmine flower arrangements may be combined with other tropical flowers like birds of paradise, magnolias, camellias but they can also go very well with roses, mini carnations or exotic orchids.

As for colors, you should stick to pale shades when mixing with white jasmine flowers, your jasmine flower arrangements will look even more elegant and moreover, quite chic.

Jasmine flower arrangements are appropriate for funerals, too. They express sincere feelings of sorrow and misfortune. All wrapped in a basket will be a very beautiful sympathy arrangement.

Jasmine Flower Bouquets

Jasmine flower bouquets are perfect for summer, especially round bouquets. Mixed with lilac, roses, lilies, hot pink carnations, they will stand out with their impressive beauty and out of the ordinary charm!

Bridal jasmine flower bouquets are just stunning! Jasmine flowers should be the choice of any bride that is delicate and elegant. They look lovely either simply alone, wrapped in silk bows and surrounded by greenery or mixed with stargazer lilies for example, either way, you will look just fabulous with a jasmine flower bouquet in your hands!

Jasmine Flowers in Gardens

Jasmine flowers should not be planted near weeds. Irrigation is very important, as well, and it should be done just after planting. The soil in which you plant your jasmine flowers should be very well drained, but it can also be alkaline or moist. During spring you should apply some fertilizer for a better growth. Remember to water abundantly during the hot days of summer.


Cut jasmine flowers can last up to two weeks if cared for correctly. So, place them in a cool environment, splash some floral foam and if you see them dying out, feed them an aspirin or place a sugar cube in their water. To prevent any kind of bacteria from forming, remove any foliage that might be underwater.

The jasmine flower is a popular flower with a one of a kind scent. Beautiful, delicate, the jasmine flower is perfect for weddings, birthdays, Mother’s Day and even funerals.