Lily of the Valley - A Guide to Lilies of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

Lilies of the valley are gorgeous spring flowers! They reflect beauty and magnificence. Also, they are highly cultivated for their scent that can be found in various perfumes. Their bell-shaped bloom makes you love them even more and to appreciate their splendor!

Lily of the Valley Description

  • Family: Ruscaceae
  • Origin: The lilies of the valley are native to the Northern Hemisphere in Asia and Europe and Eastern USA.
  • Sun exposure: Lilies of the valley require shade or partial and light shade to grow up properly.
  • Height: Lilies of the valley grow from 6 to 12 inches.
  • Soil: Lilies of the valley require well drained soil, kept moist at some times.
  • Leaves: Lily of the valley leaves are long and narrow. They are dark green in color and shiny.
  • Blooming time: Lilies of the valley bloom in late spring and last until the beginning of summer.
  • Maintenance: Water well your lilies of the valley, until the soil becomes moist. In spring, mulch the flowers, but do not mulch on top of them.
  • Propagation method: Lilies of the valley may be propagated by dividing rhizomes, tubers, corms or bulbs.

Lily of the Valley Species

There are only two kinds of lily of the valley species: one is the American Lily of the Valley (Majuscula) and the other European Lily of the Valley (Majalis).

Lily of the Valley Meaning

The lily of valley signifies the return of happiness. Also, it has various religious meanings: it is said that the lily of the valley represent Eve’s tears that she cried when her and Adam were evicted from the Garden of Eden. It is a symbol of humility in religious paintings and it is associated with Christ’s second coming.

Lilies of the Valley Arrangements

Lily of the valley arrangements are great in spring: they are freshly looking, delicate and beautiful. Lily of the valley arrangements can be wonderfully used in spring weddings. In centerpieces, they will look like snowballs on the tables and as boutonnieres or corsages they will have a chic look.

Lilies of the valley arrangements may also be used for sympathym as they can truly express sorrow.

For combination flowers, use roses, gerbera daisies, carnations, snowdrops or any other spring flower that might make your lily of the valley arrangement prettier and more vivid!

Lily of the Valley Bouquets

Lilies of the valley bouquets for bridesmaids are perfect! They express beauty and hope. They have a vintage look that express elegancy and style.

Round lily of the valley bouquets are the best, but they can be used in a hand-tied shaped bouquet if mixed with roses, carnations, lilies, callas. As the lilies of the valley are only white in color, it will be easy to mix any other shade with them, as their shape and light shade of white will help them stand out.

Now if you really want to make an impression with your bridal lily of the valley bouquet, use orchids with your lilies of the valley, surrounding them with silk bows and you will surely impress everyone invited!

Lilies of the Valley in Gardens

Lilies of the valley are popular garden flowers. They are cultivated for their design and scent. When planting, make sure you leave about one foot between them, so that they can develop properly. Also, you should water the soil to ensure the it’s soaked. Also, do not remove its green foliage, as they will surely perish once you have done this.

Place you lilies of the valley near borders or near other spring flower flowerbeds. Your garden will look joyful and happy!


Lilies of the valley are highly poisonous, so keep this in mind when placing them in a vase in your home. For a proper storage, add sugar cubes for maintenance and charcoal for removing any bad odor that might rise. Also, place them in rain water instead of tap water, as the first is pure and free of salt or any other chemicals that might damage the flowers. Remove any underwater foliage that might cause bacteria appearance and your lilies of the valley will last even for three weeks in a vase!

Lilies of the valley are precious little flowers. They have the ability to grow in shade, they last a long period of time in the vase, they smell wonderfully. The only bad thing about them is that they are poisonous, but, if you try not to eat them, you can enjoy them forever!