Magnolia Flower - A Guide to Magnolia Flowers

Magnolia Flower

The magnolia flower is a wonderful flower that inspires beauty and it is cherished by many for its natural splendor. So popular in the United States of America, the magnolia flower is the official state of Mississippi and Louisiana, due to the fact that there are so many of them alongside the streets of these states.

Magnolia Flower Description

  • Family: Magnoliaceae
  • Origin: Magnolia flowers are native to North, Central America and Asia.
  • Sun exposure: Full sun to partial shade is needed for the growth of magnolia flowers.
  • Height: Magnolia flowers grow from 60 to 80 feet tall.
  • Soil: Magnolia flowers prefer acid soil but will tolerate, if necessary, a soil that is clay or wet.
  • Leaves: Magnolia flower leaves are large, up to 6 inches long. Generally, they are silky along the edge.
  • Blooming time: Springtime is the best time for blooming magnolia flowers.
  • Maintenance: Magnolia flowers must be trimmed. Also, for the plant to retain moisture and prevent weeds, gather up mulch around its base.
  • Propagation method: Magnolia flowers can be propagated through seed and cuttings, layering, grafting and micropropagation.

Magnolia Flower Species

There are several kinds of magnolia flowers, from which we mention: Magnolia denudate, Magnolia stellata, Magnolia macrophylla, Magnolia virginiana, Magnolia grandiflora,, Magnolia hypoleuca and Magnolia kobus, Magnolia acuminate, Magnolia officinalis, Magnolia liliiflora, Magnolia tripetala, Magnolia fraseri, Magnolia salicifolia and Magnolia sprengeri.

Magnolia Flower Meaning

Magnolia flowers stand for nobility, perseverance and love of nature. Magnolia flowers are also the symbol of feminine sweetness and beauty. Moreover, magnolia flowers reflect tenacity.

Magnolia Flowers Arrangements

Magnolia flower arrangements are very elegant. Exotic and one of a kind, they inspire true beauty and inspiration for the human eye. Magnolia flower arrangements are very sumptuous and, for this reason, they can either be used in royal weddings or for sympathy, expressing very elegantly the sorrow you feel.

Magnolia flowers look great alongside peonies or silky roses and, for wedding arrangements, they will always stand out if set as centerpieces. Mixed with orchids, magnolia flower arrangements will surely look even better!

Magnolia Flower Bouquets

Magnolia flower bouquets are exquisite! They are the supreme element of elegancy and good taste. They can be wrapped in round, hand-tied or cascade bouquets, mixed with orchids or snowdrops.

Magnolia flower bouquets may be a great choice for a winter wedding, as in a time of cold and blizzard they bring warmth and love. For a rich looking bouquet, you may mix magnolia flowers with hydrangeas, camellias, jasmine, baby's breath, poppies, sweet peas or even daisies and forget-me-not flowers.

Magnolia flower bouquets are an excellent choice for a bride as it shall make any bride even more beautiful with its great looks and appearance!

Magnolia Flowers in Gardens

Magnolia flowers grow really fast. Also, they need room to grow, so make sure you give them plenty of space in your garden, as it will eventually develop into a large tree. In spring, apply fertilizers and keep doing this for three times during the blooming period.

To prevent wilting, you should water your magnolia flowers, especially during summer time, when they can easily perish because of harsh droughts.


Keep cut magnolias in cool places. Change their water every other day and make sure there is no foliage underwater that might cause bacteria appearance. Also, cut about an inch from each stem so that there can be a continuous absorption of water containing floral foam. Another tip to keep your cut magnolia flowers last longer is placing sugar cubes in their water or even better, a couple of aspirins.

Magnolia flowers are unique flowers. Representing splendid beauty and dignity, the magnolia flower bears the name of a French botanist who lived in the 1600s, named Pierre Magnol. All in all, the magnolia flower is filled with rich beauty and is here to please us with its brilliance.