White Calla Lily - A Guide to White Calla Lilies

White Calla Lily

White calla lilies are pure flowers. Divine, elegant, classy you name it, they are! Ideal for wedding arrangements, wedding bouquets, they are the right flower choice for delicate, pure brides. Stunning in color, their white or creamy shades of white leave the impression of a fantasy flower, that can only be found in mystical stories, but no, they are not, they are real flowers, having a real astonishing beauty!

White Calla Lily Description

  • Family: Araceae
  • Origin: The white calla lily originates in southern Africa. The name of the calla lily is somehow inaccurate as the flower is neither a calla, nor a lily. The calla lily is scientifically called zantedeschia.
  • Sun exposure: White calla lilies grow best in full sun. However, they also need shade and even the dark. The sun helps them grow and the dark helps them bloom.
  • Height: White calla lily grows from 12-24 inches tall.
  • Soil: White calla lily soil must be highly nutrient and enriched.
  • Leaves: White calla lily leaves are long.
  • Blooming time: White calla lilies bloom in May and June.
  • Maintenance: Keep your white calla lilies nicely watered. As they originate from South Africa, where they grew up in a tropical climate, they have a constant need for water.
  • Propagation method: White calla lilies can be propagated through planting seeds, bulbs, dividing.

White Calla Lily Species

Aethiopica, Aethiopica Childsiana, Aethiopica Fragrant Dwarf , Aethiopica Giant White, Aethiopica Green Goddess, Aethiopica Hercules, Aethiopica Pink Mist, Bridal Bliss, Cameo, Captain Eskimo, Captain Volante, Crystal Blush, Elegant Swan, Mint Julep, Spring White and Starlight are some of the white calla lily species.

White Calla Lily Meaning

White calla lilies are a symbol of magnificent beauty and innocence. The white calla lily has also a significant religious meaning. It is believed that the white calla lily is a symbol of Jesus’ Resurrection, as the shape of the blooms bear a resemblance of trumpets, and the trumpets stand for victory; often the white calla lily was seen as the flower of the Archangel Gabriel, as it was thought that the white calla lily was he’s announcing trumpet. Also, due to its color, the white calla lily is also associated with the Virgin Mary or with angels, symbolizing divine purity, holiness and faith.

White Calla Lilies Arrangements

White calla lilies arrangements are simply divine. They are the ultimate elegant thing, as they are both classic and modern.

Perfect for weddings, symbolizing the purity of the bride, white calla lilies arrangements are exquisite for church decorations. But remember that if you choose the white calla lilies as your wedding theme, you will not use them in your bridal bouquet or for boutonnieres. Also, white calla lilies arrangements are highly used in funerals, as sympathy is another meaning of this delicate flower.

White calla lilies go with whatever color you like to mix them with. They allow you this, as no matter the color or flowers you will use in combination with them for your centerpiece, white calla lily arrangements will always stand out.

White Calla Lily Bouquets

The white calla lilies bouquets are often used by brides, first of all because they represent the purity and innocence of the bride. They are majestic flowers that will lift the bride at the highest level on the “most beautiful bride” chart.

White calla lily bouquets go wonderful with purple flowers – they have a royal touch when combined with lavender orchids for example. Also, white calla lilies may be mixed with buttery yellow flowers – this will provide the white calla lily bouquet a very tasteful and classy appearance.

Cascade, posey, round, hand-tied – it’s your choice. But no matter the shape, white calla lily bouquets will always look stunning.

White Calla Lilies in Gardens

When planting white calla lilies in your garden, make sure the soil in which you place them has a good drainage. This is very important to their development. Place them in a sunny spot and make sure you give them the space they need as they turn out growing and spreading on large areas.

Plant white lilies either near colorful flowerbeds to create contrast, either near other white ones to obtain a divine, gracious harmony.


Keep your white lilies in a cool place, when cut. Away from direct sunlight or any kind of heat. Change their water every two days and if you see that they are drying out, cut their stems from the bottom with a sharp metalic knife and under running water.

Also, remember that the white calla lilies are poisonous flowers, so keep them away from children or pets.

White calla lilies are superb flowers that should always be a choice when looking for something elegant, classy, chic. They will provide you all these things for any sort of occasion, from wedding to funerals, as the “trumpets’ of the Archangel Gabriel will announce their beauty everywhere they go!