White Hibiscus - A Guide to White Hibiscus

White Hibiscus

The white hibiscus is a symbol of divinity, innocence, purity and royal beauty. A breath-taking plant that will surely blow your mind! The white hibiscus is a perennial flower that has not only decorative purposes, but also healing ones, as it was used for curing different diseases in the past.

White Hibiscus Description

  • Family: Malvaceae
  • Origin: The white hibiscus is known to be native to Southern China, but the exact origin is unfortunately not known. It has been cultivated in Japan and the Pacific islands. However, the name, “rosa-sinesis” means rose of China, having an Asian origin.
  • Sun exposure: White hibiscus needs direct and full sun exposure to develop properly.
  • Height: White hibiscus grow from 10 to 12 inches high.
  • Soil: White hibiscus' soil must be acidic, loamy, but not too heavy, nor too fine. Loose soil is the best and if high in potassium, even better.
  • Leaves: White hibiscus’ leaves are green in color. They are arranged in spiral and have a length of about 10 cm. They are ovate in shape.
  • Blooming time: White hibiscus bloom in late June or early August.
  • Maintenance: White hibiscus need to grow in a very well-drained soil, so remember this when planting! Fertilization is a very important factor in maintaining a healthy white hibiscus. Therefore, do that, but never use a solution that has a higher nitrogen than any other, as this can damage the hibiscus plant.
  • Propagation method: White hibiscus may be propagated by seeds, through cuttings, grafting, air-layering and tissue culture.

White Hibiscus Species

All in all, there are about two hundred hibiscus species out there. White hibiscus can be found in the shapes of Hibiscus mutablis, Hibiscus trionum, Hibiscus schizopetalus, Hibiscus arnottianus, Hibiscus moscheutos.

White Hibiscus Meaning

White hibiscuses symbolize purity and fertilization. It is a flower that inspires the “seize the opportunity” saying. It has a delicate beauty that can only lead you thinking about love and divinity.

White Hibiscus Arrangements

White hibiscus arrangements are used in both weddings and funerals. Having such a serene look and symbolizing purity and divinity, it is a plant that can easily be used in arrangements expressing sorrow, grief and also purity and innocence.

For color combinations, blue is preferred in funeral arrangements and all other colors for other occasions, as white goes with everything. For delicate white hibiscus arrangements, mix white with pale pink, peachy orange and lavender. For a more daring white hibiscus arrangement, use bright red, deep purple, glowing yellow and you will surely get the white hibiscus noticed.

Boston fern or spregnerii are great for enriching a white hibiscus arrangement. Also, they can be mixed with orchids or other exotic flowers.

White Hibiscus Bouquets

White hibiscus bouquets are wonderful when used in weddings. Round or cascade, a white hibiscus bouquet in the hands of a bride is something priceless.

Mix white hibiscus with lilies or even better, with Stargazer lilies. A very chic cascade white hibiscus bouquet will result from this. Also, white hibiscus goes very well with silk ribbons and pink or white pearls, so use those!

White Hibiscus in Gardens

When planting white hibiscus, always have in mind the climate! It is very important for their development. So, when planting, make sure you choose a spot that has full sun exposure! Also, do not overwater white hibiscus as they need to be slightly dry in order to grow properly.

Place your white hibiscus bush near other white flower beds, so that you create a divine corner in your garden or, place them near multicolored flower beds, so that they stand out!


Cut the stems of your white hibiscus every day, about an inch. Keep their foliage away from water and place in their water some flower preservative from time to time. Make sure the vase in which you place them is clean and the water is fresh and cool.

The white hibiscus is a must in your garden, a definitely must in your wedding and a very elegant choice for expressing grief for the departed ones. The white hibiscus is, indeed, a rare and delicate beauty!