White Orchid - A Guide to White Orchids

White Orchid

White orchids are the rarest type of orchids. Dating back to the cretaceous era, about 76 million years ago, the white orchid was first used by the Aztecs for its vanilla flavor.

Nowadays, the white orchid is seen as an exceptional flower. Beautiful, elegant and pure, the white orchid stands out in every flower arrangement or exotic garden.

White Orchid Description

  • Family: Orchidaceae
  • Origin: White orchids grow mainly in the Tropics, thus, the purest white orchid comes from Thailand. Its name, “orchid”, derives from the Greek “orchis”, which means testicle and it refers to the shape of the root bulbs.
  • Sun exposure: White orchids develop well if not placed in direct sunlight. White orchids should be grown under trees or in half-shadowed places.
  • Height: White orchids grow from 1 to 3 feet tall.
  • Soil: White orchids need a soil that is well drained and moist.
  • Leaves: Bright green in color, white orchid leaves are healthy and rich.
  • Blooming time: From June to July.
  • Maintenance: If placed in proper light, and have the humidity they need, maintaining healthy and rich white orchids should not be a problem.
  • Propagation method: White orchids may be propagated using six methods: through division, by keiki, areal cuttings, meristem or tissue culture, which is a scientific method of propagating white orchids and last but not least, white orchids may be propagated through seeds.

White Orchid Species

White orchids are the rarest type of orchids. However, you should know that there are various types of white orchids, such as Aerangis modesta, Brassavola David Sander, Cattleya gaskelliana var. alba , Cattleya Henrietta Japhet, Caularthron bicornutum, Cnths. amazonica 'Carib' HCC/AOS, Dendrobium crumenatum, Dockrillia wassellii, Masdevallia tovarensis, Maxillaria camaridii, Neofinetia falcate or Stanhopea reichenbachiana. Amongst these, the Cattleya and Phalenopsis are the most known and easy to grow.

White Orchid Meaning

White orchid represent delicate beauty. They stand for purity, innocence, virtue and divine beauty. Flowers of elegance and glamour, white orchids are well-known for their symbol for perfection and hope.

White Orchids Arrangements

White orchids arrangements are beautiful to look at, no matter whether they are used in weddings, set in the middle of a dining table, or sent in a flower basket and placed in your home. They decorate amazingly any party, wedding, office or dining room.

White orchids arrangements look best in pyramidal ceramic vases, as they will light up an atmosphere for sure, and if mixed with tropical flowers, they will have the most exotic look one has ever seen. Also, white orchids look wonderful as boutonnieres or corsages if used in weddings, as they have a very glamorous effect in any combination.

As for mixing colors, white orchids arrangements can be complemented by shades of light pink, bright yellow and lavender.

White Orchid Bouquets

White orchids bouquets are perfect for any occasion, not only because orchids are such elegant and fascinating flowers, but because they are long lasting.

For a bride, a white orchid bouquet is a declaration of purity, glamour, sophistication and welfare. White orchids may be combined with pink orchids or for a classical bouquet, they can be mixed with red roses – thus, the feeling of caring and love will speak from the blooms, instantly.

Hot pink mini flowers plus hydrangea greens around white orchids are fresh and elegant as well. So, if you want to be a happy and exotic bride, try a white orchid bouquet and you will be thrilled with the result.

White Orchids in Gardens

White orchids will give your garden quite a tropical vibe. White orchids are exotic flowers, they usually grow on volcanic rock, peat moss or charcoal so, they should be maintained with great care. They should be grown in shaded places, and watered every 7 to 10 days.


When grown indoors, white orchids should be placed in dim light. This way, their bloom will last longer. Cut white orchids last from 1 to about 3 weeks. However, if in the meantime their leaves fall back, do not pull them immediately, wait until they come loose and only then remove them gently. This way you protect the stem from falling as well.

White orchids are expensive, breathtaking flowers. Once considered the “flower of the rich”, the white orchid today represents divine purity, love and exotic glamour. Used for a wide variety of occasions, the white orchid will stand out in its beauty always.