Yellow Calla Lily - A Guide to Yellow Calla Lilies

Yellow Calla Lily

Yellow calla lilies are a classical choice for any bride. You cannot go wrong with yellow calla lilies as your wedding flower. Whether pale yellow or powerful in color, the yellow calla lily always knows how to enrich a bouquet or an arrangement with its natural beauty.

Yellow Calla Lily Description

  • Family: Araceae
  • Origin: Yellow calla lilies originate from South Africa.
  • Sun exposure: Yellow calla lilies need full sun for a proper development.
  • Height: Yellow calla lilies are 18 to 40 inches tall.
  • Soil: Yellow calla lilies require a very well drained soil, rich and moist at all times.
  • Leaves: Yellow calla lily leaves are long, arrow shaped and dark green in color.
  • Blooming time: Yellow calla lilies bloom from early to mid summer.
  • Maintenance: Yellow calla lilies should be provided with flowering food about every three weeks. They should be kept wet at all times and placed in full sun. At the end of the season, let the yellow calla lily dry out – preserve it in a cool place, such as the basement during winter and then replant it in the spring.
  • Propagation method: Yellow calla lilies can be propagated through seeds, by division in early spring and by basil cuttings in the summer.

Yellow Calla Lily Species

There are about 30 calla lily species in the world from which yellow calla lilies are the following: Farmers Market Flowers, Black Eyed Beauty, Black Magic, Captain Amigo, Captain Corona, Captain Cupido, Captain Safari, Captain Tendens, Firelight, Florex Gold, Golden Chalice, Lemon Drop, Peach Chiffon, Sensation, Solar Flare, Solfatare, Starlight, Sunrise, Yellow Giant, Yellow Mini.

Yellow Calla Lily Meaning

Yellow calla lilies are a symbol of magnificent beauty. They are happy flowers that bring light in every room. Yellow calla lilies have also a religious symbol. They are frequently associated with Jesus’ Resurrection or with the Virgin Mary, due to the shape of the bloom that can be seen as a trumpet announcing the good news.

Yellow Calla Lilies Arrangements

Yellow calla lilies may be found in various shades from pale pink to shades of dark orange, almost red sometimes. This is extremely benefic for the flower industry as there can be formed a wide range of yellow calla lily arrangements with them.

Yellow calla lilies arrangements are a classic choice for weddings, as they grant timeless grace. If you want an extravagant wedding then you should choose alongside the yellow calla lilies, white or peachy roses or, even better, purple lilies or burgundy orchids. For the centerpieces, go with yellow calla lily arrangements with mini purple calla lilies and you’ll get yourself one unforgettable wedding day!

Yellow Calla Lily Bouquets

Long stems yellow calla lily bouquets are superb! These are recommended for tall brides. The charm of a dozen yellow calla lily bouquet, some beargrass, all wrapped up in a silky organza bow is spectacular.

Round yellow calla lily bouquets are nice too, especially if they are rich. They can be combined with shades of purple, orange and white for a more glamorous look. Roses and orchids look best with yellow calla lilies. Also, the yellow calla lilies bouquets, no matter if cascade, hand-tied, long or round need green feelings, so use greeneries – yellow and green do wonders together!

Yellow Calla Lilies in Gardens

Plant yellow calla lilies in a sunny place. Make sure you give them all the space they need, as they tend to spread a lot – plant them about one foot apart from one another and 4 inches deep in the ground. Keep them fully watered at all times and remember to administrate fertilizers every three weeks.

To create an exotic corner in your garden, place your yellow calla lily flower bed near a white or pale pink orchid flower bed or near a white rose one.


Let your yellow calla lilies rest a period of time. When you see their leaves drying out, you should let them do that, as yellow calla lilies need to rest about one month and a half. After seven months, you can gradually bring the yellow calla lily back to life by giving it water constantly.

For cut yellow calla lilies, remember to keep them in cool places, away from direct sunlight or any kind of heat and also keep away from children and pets as the leaves, blooms and stems are poisonous.

Yellow calla lilies are just the thing for many occasions. They are considered to be the classical wedding flower and thus it is used very often as such. They are stylish, pleasant to the eye of the beholder, a gardener’s dream and a florist’s jewel!