Yellow Carnation - A Guide to Yellow Carnations

Yellow Carnation

Yellow carnations are traditional beautiful flowers that bring a sunny smile to anyone who receives them. Their ball-shaped bloom gives richness and welfare to any bouquet.

Alongside their strong fragrance and charisma, like any other colored carnation, this one sends a clear message, too. However, unlike the other ones who stand for feelings like love, passion, purity or admiration, the yellow carnation depicts rejection and disappointment. So, the next time you think of sending a big yellow carnation arrangement to someone, you should know that the message you are sending to the recipient is not a very “rosy” one.

Yellow Carnation Description

  • Family: Caryophyllaceae
  • Origin: The yellow carnation used to be called “Jove’s Flower” in ancient times, as it was the tribute flower given to the Roman and Greek Gods.
  • Sun exposure: Full sun is required when growing yellow carnations. About 4 or 5 hours per day should be enough for a proper development.
  • Height: Yellow carnations grow from 10 to 20 inches.
  • Soil: Yellow carnations require well drained soil, fertile and sometimes sandy or gravel based.
  • Leaves: Yellow carnation leaves are green with blue and grey reflections.
  • Blooming time: The yellow carnation blooming period is known to be the mid summer.
  • Maintenance: A proper maintenance of the yellow carnation is very important. First, they should not be watered excessively as this can lead to the damaging of the foliage and thus, turn them from green to yellow. Also, control bug pests with some pesticides in order to remove them and thus, prevent the flower from being attacked.
  • Propagation method: Yellow carnations can be propagated through planting seeds, by cuttings and by division.

Yellow Carnation Species

The light, spray and dwarf carnations are the three types of white carnations. The light are the regular ones, with one big flower on top of the stem, the spray are the ones which have smaller flowers and the dwarf ones are those which have on one stem several flowers.

Yellow Carnation Meaning

Yellow carnations stand for arrogance, disappointment and rejection. So, if you have to tell someone that you are disappointed at them and you don’t know how, here’s the way to do it: just send over a “nice” bouquet of yellow carnations and your feelings will be known for sure.

Yellow carnations are quite mischievous and this is because when you see a really warm and bright bouquet of yellow carnations, you tend to associate them immediately with the start of spring and thus, new beginnings, joy and happiness. But don’t let yourself be fooled by their accurate “undercover” and remember that yellow carnations symbolize the exact opposite thing!

Yellow Carnations Arrangements

Yellow carnation arrangements are very popular mostly because of their color. Yellow is a very joyful color. Like the sun, it gives warmth and energy and it is used to lighten up various centerpieces, gift baskets and wedding decorations. Mixed with greens, yellow carnation arrangements have an astonishing look as they actually leave the impression that they burst with sunshine.

A traditional yellow carnation arrangement contains also white gladioli and chartreuse button chrysanthemums all tied up in a wicker basket.

Yellow is a very easy color to match, but pink, white and cream are the most used when assembling a yellow carnation arrangement.

Yellow Carnation Bouquets

Round yellow carnation bouquets look wonderful with seasonal flowers rounding them up. Yellow carnations go very nicely with orange carnations too, decorated with greenery and packaged up in a Japanese style, for example.

Freesia, Holland daisies and Gypsophila look great in yellow carnation bouquets aswell, especially when wrapped as a nosegay bouquet. Other flowers that are constantly used in yellow carnation bouquets are pink, white or cream roses, football mums and daisy poms.

Mixed carnations are used quite often for bouquets. However, the colors mixed may vary depending on the seasons.

Yellow Carnations in Gardens

Yellow carnations are wonderful as garden flowers. Cared for properly, they can divinely color your garden.

In order to achieve this kind of beauty in your garden, you have to know all the irrigation aspects involving their growth. You should know that pinching, stopping and disbudding are very important and that the healthiness of the flowers rests in the quality of the soil in which they are grown. So, it is recommended that you apply liquid fertilizers every six weeks.


For a better preservation of cut yellow carnations, you can add in their vase additional flower food. Also, once every three days cut the stems of the flowers using a sharp metal knife.

Moreover, do not place freshly cut yellow carnations near televisions, microwave ovens or stoves as they release large amounts of heat that will eventually dehydrate the bloom.

Yellow carnations are wonderful flowers, despite the message they are sending. They lighten up every arrangement they are in and they fill our homes and gardens with their charm and allure. Yellow carnations are classical beauties and they will remain so for ever, as they too are a gift from the gods given to the human beings.