Yellow Daffodil - A Guide to Yellow Daffodils

Yellow Daffodil

Yellow daffodils are wonderful flowers. Vibrant, cheerful, they are the announcers of spring. Having a magnificent scent and such a lovely appearance, the yellow narcissus have been one of the most known and used flower in this season. Embellishing gardens and coloring a wedding party, the yellow daffodils are one of the most indispensable spring flowers!

Yellow Daffodil Description

  • Family: Amaryllidaceae
  • Origin: The origin of the yellow daffodil, or yellow narcissus, by its botanical name, lies in the Greek myth of Narcissus, a young man that fell in love with his own reflection while looking at himself in a pond. It is said that the dropping head of the yellow narcissus represents the young man looking down in the water.
  • Sun exposure: Yellow daffodils need partial to full sun exposure. About four to six hours per day may suffice.
  • Height: Yellow daffodils grow from 2ft. 6in. to 2ft. 8in.
  • Soil: The soil in which yellow daffodils grow should be slightly-acidic, having a neutral pH of 6.5-7. A well drained soil, moist and loamy.
  • Leaves: Yellow daffodil leaves are dark green in color, they are long and sharp, surrounding the stem with the flower.
  • Blooming time: Yellow daffodils bloom in early spring, mid March to be more precise.
  • Maintenance: After planting the yellow daffodil bulbs in late autumn, cover the flower bed with mulch, as in wet leaves or dried grass. These will keep the bulbs warm and promote their growth.
  • Propagation method: There are two effective easy of propagating yellow daffodils: using natural division by offset bulbs or bud initiation by scoring.

Yellow Tulip Species

There are various types of yellow daffodil species. Here are a few: Miscellaneous Daffodils, Cyclamineus Daffodils, Double Daffodils, Long Cup Daffodils, Jonquilla Daffodils, Golden Harvest, Dutch Master, Las Vegas, Spellbinder, Rijnveld's Early Sensation, Avalon, St. Patrick's Day, Kissproof, Fortissimo, Juanita, Carlton, and there are also many Wild Variants and Wild Hybrids.

Yellow Daffodil Meaning

Yellow daffodils are a symbol of unrequited love. Yellow daffodils express feelings of joy and lightheartedness, they are a symbol of friendship, representing sunny thoughts and cheer. You should know, however, that a single yellow narcissus is a symbol of misfortune, while a double or multiple yellow narcissus represents joy and happiness.

Yellow Daffodils Arrangements

Yellow daffodil arrangements are very popular during springtime. As they are a true announcer of spring and nature reviving, they can easily be used in wedding designs, church decorations for baptisms or in any kind of party arrangements. In these cases, you may use single yellow narcissus for a glamorous effect, or you can create a psychotic arrangement using all kinds of spring flowers, starting from snow drops and lilies of the valley to bright purple freesia and hot pink tulips.

Yellow daffodils look great with roses, tulips or hydrangeas. You just have to look for the right combination that suits best the theme of the party.

Yellow Daffodil Bouquets

Round yellow narcissus bouquets are amazing! They are vibrant and they spread a sort of energy that will make you smile instantly.

No matter if you choose to have 12 yellow daffodils in a hand-tied bouquet, or if you combine them with pink hydrangeas, yellow and red tulips, and pink peonies, your bouquet will look fresh and filled with joy either way. An assortment of roses, Asiatic lilies and alstroemeria, in shades of green, peach and yellow, combined with yellow narcissus will bring warmth and generosity to the receiver. Also, a really nice combination may be purple lilies, alstoemeria and yellow chrysanthemums combined with yellow narcissus.

Yellow Daffodils in Gardens

Plant your yellow daffodil bulbs in late autumn, just before the ground starts to freeze. Keep them warm until early spring, when they come to life. Make sure the place where you plant them has enough sun exposure so that the yellow narcissus may develop properly.

As a design tip, place your yellow daffodils near borders, they will look amazing, or near a fence, surrounding it in a very cheerful way. Or, make small flowerbeds and mix them with other spring colorful flowers, you will surely create a bright and out of the ordinary flowerbed that your neighbors will adore.


Keep your cut yellow narcissus in a cool place. Avoid putting them near any source of heat, such as an AC or TV set. Cut their stems once every two days, about an inch and also avoid mixing them with other flowers in one vase as they tend to release a sort of liquid that can damage the other flowers. Also, avoid getting any liquid of its stem on your skin as it can cause irritation and allergies.

If they are fading away, place some sugar in their water vase or, to preserve their freshness, keep them in a cool place overnight, such as the refrigerator or a cool storage room.

Having a true beauty in them, the yellow daffodils are enriching our lives. They are so joyful that you must have them at least in your home if not in your garden. Sunny yellow daffodils bring joy and cheer up each and every single one of us, so treasure them well!