Yellow Rose - A Guide to Yellow Roses

Yellow Rose

Yellow roses are a true symbol of friendship. They are the only roses that don’t have sophisticated meanings, they are what they are happy and joyful flowers! Yellow roses are used quite often and for various reasons. They are sweet flower that have an even sweeter scent!

Yellow Rose Description

  • Family: Rosaceae
  • Origin: Yellow roses date back in the 18th Century when they were grown in the Middle East. However, the yellow rose is known to have grown in the Nordic Hemisphere.
  • Sun exposure: Yellow roses prefer full sun when growing – 6 to 8 hours per day if possible.
  • Height: Yellow roses grow up to 4 feet tall.
  • Soil: Yellow rose soil must be well-drained, rich in organic material, loamy with a ph of 5.5 to 7.
  • Leaves: Yellow roses' leaves are oval with serrated margins. They are dark green in color and their shade never fades away.
  • Blooming time: Yellow roses bloom throughout the entire year.
  • Maintenance: Water your yellow roses well, at the base. Do not get foliage, nor the blooms wet or you risk killing your yellow rose bush. Do not overcrowd your yellow rose bushes and keep them in an open site, where the air can move through them.
  • Propagation method: Yellow roses may be propagated from seeds, from stem cuttings, by division, layering, budding, grafting, hybridizing, micro-propagation or planting bare root yellow roses.

Yellow Rose Species

There are tons of sorts of roses out there, in your garden, in the wild, for you to enjoy and cherish. Here are some of the most beautiful yellow rose species: Aglaia, Goldbusch, Michelangelo, Agnes, Golden Holstein, Midas Touch, Amber Queen, Golden Masterpiece, Molineux, Beehive Gold, Gold Medal, Olympic Gold, Butterflies, Casino , Charlotte, Golden Oldie, Reve d'Or, Chinatown, Climbing Jackie, Goldyla, Cottage Maid, Chromatella , Dimples, R.foetida Persiana, Honey Bouquet, Sutter's Gold, Eldorado, Windrush, R.xanthina, Excitement, Sunbird, Sweet Diana, Lawrence Johnston, Lady Hillingdon, Topaz Jewel, Golden Celebration and many more.

Yellow Rose Meaning

Yellow roses stand for joy and happiness. They are the perfect representation of a friend’s platonic love. Yellow roses do not have that deep, hidden meaning the other roses have.

Yellow roses are simple, cheerful and represent delight, warmth and happiness.

Yellow Roses Arrangements

Yellow rose arrangements are used when you want to brighten someone dear’s day! They look lovely in baskets or in sophisticated vases, but yellow roses arrangements look even better when used in wedding or ceremonies arrangements. Why is this? Because they are joyful flowers, they spread happiness and delight!

Yellow roses may be mixed with white, purple and orange flowers, you can try a red combination, also, but perhaps it will be a little bit too much for the yellow roses’ warmth.

In basket yellow roses arrangements, these flowers may be seen alongside gerbera daisies, roses, lilies, daisies or carnations, orchids or callas.

Yellow Rose Bouquets

Yellow rose bouquets are a symbol of friendship. Round and rich yellow rose bouquets will bring a smile to anyone’s face, and if sprinkled with some greenery and gypsophila, your yellow rose bouquet may bring even a shed tear of joy.

Posey yellow rose bouquets are really wonderful, too. Mixed with shades of orange and purple, and wrapped in silk or satin ribbons, they will look divine. Purple iris is also an exquisite choice for a posey yellow rose bouquet – the contrast is lovely and the unique shape of the iris goes perfect with the round yellow roses.

Yellow Roses in Gardens

When planting yellow roses, make sure you place them away from trees. If you make that mistake, the trees will eat up all the nutrients and your yellow rose bush will die. Also, place them in a place where they will receive full morning sun, it is very important for their proper development. Place your yellow roses about 18 to 30 inches apart so that they do not choke and breathe naturally.


Cut yellow roses require a proper care. To stay fresh, cut their stems from time to time, replace their vase water daily and keep them in cool places.

If you notice that your yellow roses are dying, sprinkle a little lemon juice in their water or feed them a sugar cube. However, it is best to have floral preservatives in order to keep them freshly looking for weeks.

Yellow roses are simple and light. Warm and cheering, yellow roses should be a perfect “get well” present for a sick relative or friend, as they shall brighten anyone’s day right up!