Yellow Tulip - A Guide to Yellow Tulips

Yellow Tulip

Yellow tulips represent hopeless love. Anyone giving a yellow tulip to someone is considered to be hopelessly in love with that person – so, be aware you boys out there when you want to give your mother in law a flower bouquet, think twice and pick other flowers as yellow tulips should be given only to your loved one!

Yellow Tulip Description

  • Family: Liliaceae
  • Origin: Discovered in the 16th century in the Persian Empire, the yellow tulip was brought in North Western Europe by the Turks. There, the tulips were called lale (from laleh, in Persian). However, the word ”tulip” also comes from the Turkish – “turbanin” – which refers to the shape of the tulip’s bloom.
  • Sun exposure: Yellow tulips develop best in full sun.
  • Height: Yellow tulips grow from 8 to 28 inches.
  • Soil: Sandy, well drained and loose soil is suitable for growing yellow tulips.
  • Leaves: Yellow tulip leaves are green or bluish-green in color. They grow from the bottom and they have a pointy end.
  • Blooming time: Yellow tulips bloom from early spring to mid summer.
  • Maintenance: After planted, the soil should be watered. Also, the bulbs should be maintained warm during winter by placing mulch on top the flowerbed.
  • Propagation method: Yellow tulips can be propagated using two methods: bulbs and seeds.

Yellow Tulip Species

There are two categories of yellow tulips – species tulips and garden tulips. It is generally known that there are about 100 species of yellow tulips and thousands of garden yellow tulips. The Breeder Tulips, Darwin Tulips, Parrot Tulips, Cottage Tulips, Lily-flowered Tulips or Early Tulips are just a few.

Yellow Tulip Meaning

Yellow tulips stand for cheerful thoughts and rays of sunshine. Whenever you feel like spreading joy and light, yellow tulips will help you do that.

Although initially yellow tulips were a symbol of hopeless love, their meaning has changed mostly due to their natural bloom color.

Yellow Tulips Arrangements

Yellow tulips are used in a wide variety of arrangements. Yellow tulip arrangements in baskets are one of the most used gifts for cheering up the elderly. Combined with purple irises and set in a glass bowl, yellow tulips make a great “Happy Birthday” arrangement for the loved ones.

Yellow tulips arrangements may be mixed with bright colors, like purple, very easily as they will assure an enchanting result when brought together.

Wedding yellow tulip arrangements are very nice if the wedding set in spring, in a green garden as they will give your wedding an elegant and bright look for sure.

Yellow Tulip Bouquets

Yellow tulip bouquets are dazzling ones. They send out so much color and brightness that it is very hard not to smile when you see them.

Yellow tulips bouquets go with white, pink or orange tulips, too, even with pinkish stripped ones, as they are cheerful and color everything up, no matter in what mixes.

Wedding yellow tulip bouquets are beautiful if arranged in cascade, or are hand-tied, or just plain round and mixed with roses. They are the perfect wedding flower choice, as they symbolize hopeless love.

Yellow Tulips in Gardens

Yellow tulips are popular in garden flowers. They make exquisite flowerbeds. They should be planted from 4 to 8 inches apart from one another and raised in full sun, although when they bloom, it is not recommended that they endure all that noon heat.

If you want to have a rich yellow tulip garden, plant the bulbs into groups. Also, you should mix them with spring flower seeds – this is how you will achieve a guaranteed colorful garden next spring.


Remember yellow tulips grow each day, even when cut so, if you want to place them in fancy, sophisticated arrangements, be sure that you take this information into account. Also, place the yellow tulip stems into light, as they tend to seal if kept in dark places.

Yellow tulips are bright, happy flowers. They take away sadness and replace it with joy. Fresh and refreshing, they are candy for the eye. Yellow tulips are an excellent choice for birthdays, weddings, centerpiece arrangements or just for embellishing your garden with light and beauty!